‘The Lincoln Project’ Uses Tom Brady To Torture Donald Trump


Following their Super Bowl victory earlier this year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stopped by the Biden White House recently — marking a contrast from the Trump era, when not even quarterback Tom Brady (who was then with the New England Patriots) went to the Trump White House following Super Bowl wins. With Brady at the helm, the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2017 and 2019 — and in 2017, Brady skipped the follow-up visit to the White House by his team, while by July of 2019, a team visit hadn’t even happened at all. The anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project released a new video this week mocking Trump for the falling-out (of sorts) with Brady, who’d previously been known as a Trump ally.

After showing footage of Trump previously praising Brady, a narrator in the video says as follows:

‘You know, winners just like being around other winners — not just to talk about how great winning is, because it is great, but to make fun of the losers. Locker room talk. Perfect example? Tom Brady… Brady never took your invite when you were in the White House, right? Well, I’m sure he had something important to do. Maybe he just knew when enough was enough. It’s not like you got dumped Donald. Can you really get dumped when you were never together? Besides, you have plenty of friends, right? Right?’

Watch the new Lincoln Project video below:

Although, sure, Brady is a sports star rather than someone particularly key to the ordinary goings-on of the team of a former president of the United States, Trump has long proven to be basically in it for the celebrity status associated with it all. He has repeatedly — even as the sitting president of the United States — publicly lashed out against celebrities who he felt had slighted him in some way. While in office, Trump often seemed to prioritize his mind-numbing social media outbursts over the actual duties of the presidency.