‘The Lincoln Project’ Takes On Marjorie Greene & Lauren Boebert


For some reason, Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) voted against expediting visas for local interpreters who have assisted American troops in Afghanistan. Local individuals who have provided help for American personnel could obviously be vulnerable to attacks by forces like the Taliban as U.S. troops continue their exit from Afghanistan this year, but nevertheless, Boebert and Greene voted to leave these interpreters to struggle through the system as it stands, even as surrounding circumstances rapidly change. They were among a mere 16 House Republicans who voted against expediting the visas.

Neither Boebert nor Greene appear to have yet issued a public comment explaining their vote, but an anti-immigration stance has long been part of the GOP playbook. Now, the progressive advocacy group known as VoteVets and the anti-Trump conservative organization known as The Lincoln Project are speaking out against Greene and Boebert. In a new video that VoteVets produced and that The Lincoln Project shared on Twitter, a narrator says that Greene and Boebert “don’t respect service and sacrifice” and “ridicule those who serve” while offering “praise” for “traitors and insurrectionists.”

As the narrator put it:

‘When nearly every Republican and Democrat in Congress comes together to make sure local interpreters who served us faithfully and kept our troops safe are offered a way out if they want it — guess who teamed up and voted to abandon them to the Taliban? Boebert and Greene. This axis of evil wouldn’t know a patriot if one stepped up and shook their hands. They don’t respect service and sacrifice. They ridicule those who serve and praise traitors and insurrectionists. If Boebert and Greene won’t stand up for America, let’s make it our mission to replace them with people who will.’

Check out the video below:

Boebert and Greene aren’t the only high-profile Republican members of Congress who were among the 16 House members against expediting visas for Afghan interpreters. Also a part of that “axis of evil” were Reps like Andy Biggs (Ariz.) and Paul Gosar (Ariz.), the latter of whom has made a name for himself as a particularly prominent proponent of Trump’s nonsensical claims that last year’s presidential election was somehow rigged for Biden.