Hillary Clinton Calls For America To Stand Up Against Voter Suppression


While Texas state legislators were in Washington, D.C. trying to convince the U.S. senators to pass two vital voting rights bills, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was not. Instead, he was in Houston, Texas at a major fundraising event. One wonders whether he realizes that if he refuses to give on his staunch pro-filibuster position, those donors could just as easily beat him.

We do not hear much from Secretary Hillary Clinton these days. So when she does speak up, people tend to give her words more weight. Monday, she pointed out what should be obvious, but apparently is not. Clinton said that voters cannot jump “over ever-higher hurdles” to cast their ballots.

The ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation passed out pre-written legislation to Republican state legislators immediately after the 2020 election restricting voter’s access to the polls. Thus far, 40 laws have been passed at the state level. Then, this year the Supreme Court took another big bite out of the voter-access laws. And it gets worse.

In Georgia, if the Republicans do not like how their election turns out, they can declare fraud, even without evidence, and deem a county’s votes null and void. That is, of course, a lose-lose proposition.

Clinton tweeted “It’s time…pass the For the People Act:

‘We can’t resign American voters to jumping over ever-higher hurdles to cast their ballots. It’s time for Senate Democrats to pass the For the People Act.’

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Senator Manchin appears to not be concerned whether or not people have access to the polls. Maybe he should.

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