‘The Lincoln Project’ Unearths Shady GOP Mega-Donors In New Video


The Lincoln Project has done it again, another home run right into the midst of the hundreds of millions of dirty dollars donated by people running some of the biggest corporations in the nation. The members of The Lincoln Project did what might be difficult for those not as familiar with our Republican politicians as they are. After all, they used to work against the Democrats. Now many of them have left the Republican party altogether and are working to take down Donald Trump.

The narrator of this powerful video said:

‘People can give their money to anyone they want even bad people. But we have a right to tell you who they are.’

Some of those big donors are Koch Industries, AT&T, Cigna, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, and Blackstone. CEO of Blackstone Stephen Schwartzman helped finance the January 6 insurrection. He gave:

  • $40 million to Donald Trump
  • $40 million to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
  • $40 Million to Insurrectionists

But he was not alone. The Lincoln Project listed other big Republican donors and what they gave:

  • $70 Million Timothy Mellon
  • $32 Million Ike Pearlmutter
  • $17 Million Kelcy Warren
  • $14 Walter W. Buckley Jr.
  • $5 Million Patricia Dugan
  • $4.8 Million Thomas Peed
  • $4.6 Million Bob Duggan
  • $4 Million to Lynda Blanchard
  • 3.1 Million Timothy Lomangino
  • $2.8 Million Palmer Lucky
  • $2.4 Million Robert “Hank” Seale
  • $2.3 Million Vernon Hill
  • $2.2 Million Bennie Kante
  • $2.2 Million Julie Jenkins Fancelli
  • $2.2 Million Duke Buchan
  • $2 Million Roger Norman
  • $2 Million Marilyne Sexton
  • $2 Million Steven Witkoff
  • $1.7 Million John McCall
  • $1.6 Million Michael Borland
  • $1.6 Million Brian Colleran
  • $1.2 Million to David Duffield
  • $1.1 Million David Centner
  • $1.1 Million Don Ahern
  • $1 Million James A. Bowen
  • $1 Million Richard T. Burke
  • $1 Million John H. Owok

Take a look at this moving Lincoln Project video and be prepared to get angry:

‘A notice to GOP donors: It may be your right to give money to whoever you like — but it is our right to tell Americans who and what you’re funding.’

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