Kinzinger Calls Out Degenerate Trump Supporters For Insurrection


In spite of a spray of verbal venom from off-the-wall Trumpsters and derision from Republicans, two House Republicans plow onward. They are willing to lose their careers over telling the truth, just two of them. Chances are they will. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is one of them. Representative Liz Chene (R-WY) is the other. History will look kindly upon them for braving through all the ugliness as they serve as members of the January 6 Select Committee, the failed coup. And this is why.

In an interview with The TMZ on Wednesday, Kinzinger said:

‘Michael Fanone considers himself a Republican, but he stood here and he defended the Constitution, he defended this institution, and to have people call him and call him the names they did, tell him [they] wish he’s dead, it’s unfortunately par for the course for some people, but I think it’s important for it to be out there for people to see the kind of vitriol that exists simply for somebody telling the truth and defending freedom.’

There was also a voicemail that made its way to CNN Tuesday evening. The anonymous Trump supporter blasted the two representatives with a full minute’s worth of “absolutely Disgusting, Vulgar” profanities:

‘I wish they would have killed all of you scumbags.’

The lies tended to sound like scripts from Fox News and other ultra-right-wing news cable stations. Take Fox News’ Laura Ingraham’s nasty segment going after the four heroic police officers who dared to tell the truth in their testimony. Ingraham handed out fake awards for acting performances.

‘You want an Emmy, an Oscar, what are you trying to go for?’

‘Laura Ingraham is giving out best performance awards to police officers from today’s hearing

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 28, 2021’

The insurrectionists gave Officer Michael Fanone of the Metropolitan Police Force repeated taser attacks to his upper spine, resulting in a heart attack. He testified:

‘This is what happens when you tell the truth in Trump’s America. I’m in good company.’

The raw mob beat him with a flag pole until he lost consciousness. During the assault, the police officer heard a Trumpster call out:

‘[K]ill him with his own gun.’

Kinzinger came right back at Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who labeled the representatives as “Pelosi Republicans:”

‘All I’ve said is we need to get to the truth, we need answers, and that’s what we’re going to get, and sometimes standing up, doing the right thing, it can have its cost. But all I’m going to do is defend the Constitution, so people can label me whatever they want.’

Check out the TMZ interview and listen to the voicemail immediately below.

Kinzinger regrets that nearly all of the Republican legislators hid behind Donald Trump’s skirts. He said:

‘I certainly wish there were more. I think that’s probably the understatement of the year. But I know what I made a commitment to. I’m a Republican, but my oath isn’t even to my party, it’s to the Constitution, so I’m comfortable with that, and I hope more people can become comfortable with that, but that’s everybody’s choice.’

Kinzinger told CNN he has received “a lot” of quiet support from his fellow Republicans.

The voicemail is here:

‘TW/DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone shares an absolutely disgusting, vulgar voicemail filled with slurs and expletives, that he received after testifying in front of the Jan. 6th committee.

— The Recount (@therecount) July 28, 2021′

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