Eric Trump Has A Public Sad After Donald’s Taxes Get Released


Eric Trump spoke out on Friday about the decision by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel to direct the transfer by the Treasury Department to Congress of the personal tax returns of former President Donald Trump. It’s been awhile since House Ways and Means Committee chair Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) filed a request for years worth of Trump’s tax returns; there’s a federal statute that allows for the chairpersons of certain Congressional committees to obtain the tax returns for individual Americans in most circumstances. Now, that Justice Department office has concluded that Trump isn’t exempt and that Neal’s request reflected a “legitimate legislative purpose.” The hope would be to enact legislative safeguards against potential future Trump-style corruption.

Thusly, the tax returns have been released from previous rhetorical restraints, and they’re apparently on the way to Congress or already there. Bizarrely, Eric spoke on Twitter after the Justice Department announcement about the “evilness of the far left.” Does he think he’s living out some kind of video game? It’s just ridiculous for him to speak in such extreme terms about those who happen to be conducting themselves in a way that’s inconvenient for the Trumps. Still, Eric complained on Twitter as follows:

‘Just more harassment… the weaponization of politics and evilness of the far left is hard to comprehend…’

Besides — it’s incredible for one of the Trumps to complain about the so-called “weaponization of politics.” The political views held by former President Donald Trump were just about as close to a literal weaponization as possible on January 6, when his supporters attacked the Capitol, inspired by his lie that last year’s presidential election was somehow rigged for Joe Biden. More broadly, Trump has also repeatedly sought to use the powers associated with his political position for his personal purposes. Just this week, news emerged of a conversation involving Trump, the then-acting attorney general, and the then-acting deputy attorney general late last year, when Trump — the then-president — told the top Justice Department officials to “just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me,” according to notes taken by the then-deputy AG. If that’s not a weaponization of politics, then what is?