Trump Goes Bonkers After Congress Uncovers His Corruption


In recent days, the House Oversight Committee released materials including notes of a conversation that took place last December involving Trump, the then-acting attorney general, and the then-acting deputy attorney general, showing just how desperate that Trump got in his attempts to use the powers of the presidency to advance his personal interests. According to those notes, which were made by then-acting Attorney General Richard Donoghue, Trump told the top Justice Department officials to “just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me.” Trump has now lashed out, claiming in a new statement that — contrary to the basic reality of the situation — certain things “were meant to uphold the integrity and honesty of elections and the sanctity of our vote” rather than undermine them.

In fact, the truth is that what Trump has gone crusading against is the democratic process as it exists in the United States. The records are there, showing how last year’s presidential election was secure, while officials of both major political parties and from every single state have attested to the integrity of the election results in their respective jurisdictions. Yet, Trump continues his denial of this reality, and in the process, he’s delusionally insisting that he’s somehow working to save the country, or whatever. It’s just egomania.

Trump ranted as follows in his new statement:

‘The corrupt and highly partisan House Democrats who run the House Oversight Committee yesterday released documents—including court filings dealing with the rigged election of 2020—that they dishonestly described as attempting to overturn the election. In fact, it is just the opposite. The documents were meant to uphold the integrity and honesty of elections and the sanctity of our vote. The American People want, and demand, that the President of the United States, its chief law enforcement officer in the country, stand with them to fight for Election Integrity and to investigate attempts to undermine our nation.’

Essentially, he’s telling a fairy tale — and a pretty dumb one, at that. All of this is nonsense — disgraceful, dangerous, self-serving nonsense. The element of seemingly pathological self-obsession seems pretty obvious since Trump made sure to characterize himself as some kind of brave trailblazer for justice, or something. Check out Trump’s remarks in full by clicking on the post below: