Schiff Butchers McCarthy For Threatening ‘Joke’ About Pelosi


What is up with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)? He has openly referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as the “lame-duck leader.” He wants to be the next Speaker so badly he can almost smell it. Does he stand in front of his mirror saying “House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will gavel in” and practicing his facial response? Maybe. But the minority leader bet all his cards on Donald Trump. That is where he went seriously wrong. House Intelligence Chair Representative Adam Schiff, who sits on the January 6 Select Committee, went after the wayward Republican Leader.


McCarthy was a speaker during a big fundraising event held in Tennessee Saturday night, according to The Business Insider. He thought he was being funny, but as Schiff pointed out, there was nothing funny about his words. Nothing at all:

Making light of striking the Speaker after a mob broke into the Capitol intent on doing her violence? Real funny


‘Questioning the life-saving science on wearing a mask? Real smart


The GOP under Trump and McCarthy is a dangerous cult. And that’s no joke.’

Screen-Shot-2021-08-01-at-12.17.40-PM Schiff Butchers McCarthy For Threatening 'Joke' About Pelosi Featured Politics Terrorism Top Stories Violence

After the dinner’s sponsors gave him an oversized gavel, he said that should he be the next Speaker, but he thought he might have trouble restraining himself from hitting Speaker Pelosi with that solid wooden gavel, according To The Business Insider.

As the Speaker stepped into her car on Friday, she commented briefly, saying “He’s (McCarthy) a moron,” The Washington Post fact-checked. It must have been a rhetorical question.

Michael Scherer with The Washington Post quoted McCarthy saying that it would be “hard not to hit her on Twitter:”

‘Tenn. reps gave Kevin McCarthy an oversized gavel after [the] speech. McCarthy invites the 1,400 at Nashville dinner to DC when he becomes speaker. He says he wants everyone to see Pelosi hand him the gavel. “It will be hard not to hit her with it but I will bang it down,” he says.’

Screen-Shot-2021-08-01-at-12.48.05-PM Schiff Butchers McCarthy For Threatening 'Joke' About Pelosi Featured Politics Terrorism Top Stories Violence

Schiff was not the only one to complain about McCarthy’s attack against Pelosi. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, they discussed what McCarthy was talking about, especially given the political bent McCarthy has placed on mask-wearing, according to The Wrap. 

Scarborough said:

‘Do we really want to listen to this? Do we seriously, like… the dumbest man in Washington. I don’t know if he is or not. I don’t know if he just plays dumb on TV or he’s actually dumb, but the question is: How many of those House Republicans are vaccinated?’

‘How many members of the House are vaccinated? Because I know most of the Democrats are. We have been hearing that there are Republicans who are still not vaccinated. How many of those House Republicans that you saw right there are flying back to districts that are still hot with infections?’

In a press conference on the Capitol Building steps, McCarthy argued against the reinstated mask mandate. Scarborough pointed out that the Republican lawmakers with him were probably from “red hot districts:”

‘You just gotta ask: Why aren’t they following the example of Gov. Kay Ivey? Why aren’t they following the example of [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell who’s actually spending campaign money to get the message out in his district?’

Then Brzezinski added:

‘Mitch McConnell wears a mask!’

McCarthy tweeted:

‘Your groceries are more expensive.
Your streets are less safe.
Your border is wide open. And now Democrats are targeting you with a mask mandate—even if you are vaccinated.’

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