‘The Lincoln Project’ Beats Up Matt Gaetz For Being A Degenerate


In a new video, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project went after Florida Republican Congressman and Trump ally Matt Gaetz, characterizing him as a “virus.” The group released their video after the beginning of a series of events featuring the Congressman that he’s calling a “Freedom Tour,” which has been marketed as meant to “celebrate being Floridians.” Currently, Florida is led by Republican Governor and Trump ally Ron DeSantis, who won his current position by a very slim margin — but millions of Biden voters also live in Florida, so equating Floridian identity with a far-right mindset isn’t accurate.

The new Lincoln Project video includes footage from one of Gaetz’s “Freedom Tour” stops and shows him mocking warnings about the so-called delta variant of COVID-19. Gaetz said towards the end of his remarks — as though he thought he was being clever — that he’s “got the Florida variant.” Gaetz added that he’s got the “freedom variant,” which he said “affects the brain” and “gets you to think for yourself.” So he’s comparing his political stance to a… literal virus? The Lincoln Project, in the caption for their video, proclaimed that Gaetz “is a virus,” and in the video itself, the organization notes — via a series of red arrows pointing to Gaetz and reading “vaccinated” — that the Congressman himself has been vaccinated against COVID-19, undercutting his tough guy dismissal of the ongoing pandemic.

Watch below:

At the same rally from which the new Lincoln Project video used footage, Gaetz proclaimed that “Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election.” Where are the tens of thousands of people whose cooperation would have no doubt been required to somehow rig the election? Although Gaetz’s self-fashioned status as a carnival barker makes it a little difficult to ascertain whether he honestly believes that Trump won or is simply trying to pander to the former president’s supporters, the fact is that believing that Trump was the rightful winner requires belief in a secret plot of extreme proportions. Officials in every single state attested to the integrity of the presidential election results in their respective jurisdictions, and officials on the federal level — including Trump era Attorney General Bill Barr — confirmed that no legitimate evidence of systematic election fraud had emerged at the times of their various pronouncements. No confirmations of sweeping election fraud have ever emerged.