Alexander Vindman Singles Out Ted Cruz For Being A Disgrace


This week, ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman publicly called out Newsmax host Greg Kelly — who has interviewed former President Donald Trump himself, no matter the sinking ratings at his network — after Kelly mocked Vindman’s family in a Twitter post. Kelly posted his cruel remarks about Vindman and his family after Alexander, his brother Yevgeny, and their father Semyon appeared on an episode of CBS Sunday Morning over the weekend on the occasion of a new book from Alexander. Kelly referred to the Vindmans as a “bunch of Schlubs,” and Alexander replied in part by referring to Kelly’s antics as “pathetic.”

In his response, Alexander also referenced how Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) declined to stick by a defense for his own family against Trump. During the 2016 presidential primary season, the then-presidential candidate publicly mocked Ted’s wife… and then Cruz endorsed Trump. Meanwhile, Vindman commented as follows:

‘I’m not [Ted Cruz]. I will not allow attacks on my wife and family go unanswered. Your attacks are even more pathetic than your pitiful attempts at notoriety @gregkellyusa’

Vindman’s name rose in prominence after he spoke out with the truth regarding an effort by then-President Donald Trump to pressure Ukraine into investigating the Bidens in hopes of turning up damaging information about the family. Vindman, who worked as part of the National Security Council at the time, listened to a phone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president as it unfolded, with Trump using that talk to push for the investigation. Eventually, the then-president’s efforts led to his first impeachment on a charge of abuse of power. While Trump and his allies pushed for that investigation, the Trump administration held military assistance for Ukraine in limbo, upping the stakes.