Church Member Turns Trump Obsessed Insurrectionist Into FBI


California resident Glenn Allen Brooks has now become one of the latest Trump supporters to be arrested by federal agents over their participation in the January riot at the Capitol. Federal law enforcement personnel were alerted to Brooks’s involvement in the riot when a member of his church prayer group notified authorities that Brooks had shared a selfie with that group showing him in the riot crowd at the Capitol. That tip came in January, and after that development, agents conducted surveillance of Brooks and gathered images showing him at the Capitol back in January, where he apparently climbed through a broken window at one point. Climbing through a broken window obviously undercuts any potential argument that Brooks was ignorant to the criminal nature of his actions.

Brooks was arrested this past Thursday, and he’s now facing charges including unlawful entry and disorderly conduct on restricted grounds — among the lighter counts doled out against Capitol rioters. Meanwhile, the troubling news emerged this week that a total of four officers who responded to the Capitol riot and attempted to fend off the violent, Trump-supporting crowd have now died by suicide. Recently, four officers — including two from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and two from the U.S. Capitol Police — testified before Congress regarding their experiences defending the Capitol on January 6. Each of the officers had appalling stories, like the instance when Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the Capitol Police said that he felt as though he was going to be trampled to death.

A total of hundreds of Trump supporters have been arrested and charged so far over their participation in the Capitol riot, and most cases remain ongoing, although a smaller number have already culminated in plea deals. Some of the more serious charges that defendants face include assaulting law enforcement personnel, conspiracy, and obstruction of an official proceeding. Scores of officers were wounded by Trump supporters amid the Capitol violence. Members of the House committee investigating the riot, which heard testimony from those four officers who appeared before Congress, have pledged to closely examine the situation.