Criminal Complaint Filed Against Donald Trump’s NJ Golf Course


After the past five-plus years of Donald Trump’s slipping and sliding through legal fingers, he may finally be meeting the consequences. And the consequences do not favor him. There have been innumerable instances of his misdeeds from crying fire in the nation’s political theater via his Big Lie to allegations of sexual assaults by a significant number of women to re-routing military planes to his Scotland golf course for refueling.

It appears that the ex-president may have rarely if ever been caught, faced the charges, nor prosecuted. Grifting and breaking the rules and allegedly bending the laws have apparently been a way of life for him. His modus operandi (MO) has always been to manipulate his targets. If that did not work, then he gets rough with them. And if all else fails, he attacks in frightening ways beginning with lawsuits and ending in frightening places. Just take the Big Lie as an example.

“Loser” was the worst label in his family. So, when he lost in 2020, it seemed that he could not wrap his mind around the fact. He tried to have the Department of Justice (DOJ) interfere and his then-personal attorney Rudy Giuliani bribe Ukraine officials to discredit President Joe Biden. Trump even called local election officials in Georgia and who knows how many other states to “find votes” for him. But his wayward activities may finally be close to hitting the brick wall of accountability.

Citizens for Ethics (CREW) has filed a criminal complaint against another one of his golf resorts. CREW targets members of the government who “sacrifice the common good to special interests.” This nonprofit watchdog is “dedicated to rooting out government corruption and fighting the influence of money in politics.” It accomplishes this by means of “legal action and bold communications grounded by in-depth research.”

He may have convinced himself that his big lie is a truth to the point of criminally misusing the presidential seal. A criminal complaint has been filed. Check out this tweet from CREW:

‘A criminal complaint has been filed against Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf club, charging the facility with misusing the presidential seal.’

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