Alexander Vindman Publicly Emasculates Donald Trump


Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — who was fired from his post at the National Security Council after testifying as part of the first impeachment proceedings against then-President Donald Trump — has now spoken out once more against the former commander-in-chief. Trump was impeached that first time on a charge of abuse of power (and a charge of obstruction of Congress) after he and his allies attempted to pressure Ukraine into investigating the Bidens in hopes of turning up damaging information. Vindman, as part of his then-job responsibilities, listened to a call between Trump and the Ukrainian president in which Donald ramped up the corrupt pressure, and Vindman subsequently shared the truth of what happened with Congress.

Now, Vindman says that Trump deserves no “mercy” or “compassion” after the disastrous four years of his presidency. As Vindman noted, Trump’s reckless handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has produced “blood on his hands,” since throughout the crisis, Trump glossed over the reality of what was going on. At one point, Trump even despicably complained — in public — about the impacts from so-called “blue states” on overall COVID-19 death numbers in the United States, although these “blue states” are part of the United States. This despicable nonsense is where Trump’s head was at rather than chiefly prioritizing the use of federal resources to help keep people from dying.

On Twitter, Vindman commented as follows:

‘Trump does not deserve any mercy or compassion for what he’s done to this country, considering he has enough blood on his hands to account for the pandemic progression in the U.S. and more… I’m not done speaking out!’


Troublingly, Republicans continue — for the most part — to stick right by the former president, even as he peddles vitriolic, dangerous nonsense like the claim that he was somehow the rightful winner of last year’s presidential election. That claim in particular already inspired the riot at the U.S. Capitol, but these Republicans remained allied with the former president as left Americans to die from COVID-19, and they’re staying in place after an attack against the U.S. government as well.