Judge Rules Against Ron DeSantis Attempt To Stop COVID Mandate


The original coronavirus came deathly silently onto American shores in a criuse line as well as on the East coast from Europe. Donald Trump was alarmed about the death ship, not out of concern for its travelers. No, he did not “want his numbers” of cases to go up. He told aides he wanted to divert the ship. “Don’t we own an island somewhere? What about Guantánamo?” The Washington Post reported. The ex-presidennt who could have saved millions of Americans from being caught up in the pandemic, refused. Now, there is another cruise ship on the horizon.

Trump acolyte Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has banned his constituents from a mask mandate, including schools. He went to court with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings over vaccine passports, NPR reported. The cruise line requested a preliminary injunction to halt the governor’s state law from banning business from requiring proof of vaccination — a vaccine pastport.

In mid-July, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings filed its suit against Florida. The company has a ship ready to sail from Miami on August 15. Meanwhile, the company said it looked forward to setting sail, according to The Politico: 

‘This order will now allow the Company to operate in the safest way possible with 100% vaccination of all guests and crew when sailing from Florida ports.’

U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams wrote a 60-page ruling stating that the state’s mandatory ban “fails to provide a valid evidentiary, factual, or legal predicate:”

‘Amid myriad, rapidly-changing requirements regarding quarantining and testing, there is one constant that facilitates cruise line customers’ access to advertised ports of call: documentary proof of vaccination will expedite passengers’ entry into virtually every single country and port where Plaintiffs intend to sail.’

Trump reached into the Republican Congress to demand they vote against their best interests in the upcoming bipartisan infrastructure bill. He also made clear that he prefered “freedom” from mask mandates.

DeSantis will likely run for president should Donald Trump not run, and he will do whatever it takes to get that job, including wrecking safety nets for children. Republicans in the House and Senate have cleaved to the former president’s every cold wish with a few notable exceptions.

In April, DeSantis signed an executive order that barred the sort of vaccine passports the cruise line wanted. In addition, the Florida Legislature followed along with their tail between their legs and approved a measure supporting the governor’s no-mask mandate. They added a fine for companies not obeying the order for a little extra kick.

Other cruise lines have also filed similar lawsuits. In addition, the state has sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over its cruise order.

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