Trump Family And Their Goons Abandon Rudy Giuliani


Oh, Rudy, why did you not notice that Donald Trump never pays his attorneys? The ex-president broke with Rudy Giuliani shortly after the former New York mayor sent him a bill. As of July 6, his legal defense fund raised a whopping “$9,590 (just $4,990,410 to go!” The Vanity Fair headline says it all. Giuliani is a walking-talking reminder to others they must only praise Trump.

As always, Trump refused to pay his former personal lawyer after the former mayor sent him a bill for $20,000 per day. He did reimburse Giuliani for $200,000 in expenses, but “stridently refused to pay” his legal fees, according to The Salon. This, even though the ex-president brought in a quarter-billion dollars in fundraising. The former mayor charged him $20,000 a day.

Not only has Trump been ignoring or rejecting Giuliani’s pitiful requests, so have all Trump’s friends and/or donors. Worse, they refused to even acknowledge his legal defense fund.

A longtime associate and friend of Giuliani said:

‘There have been times when I’ve asked people in the [former] president’s orbit to see if Trump wanted to draw attention to the fundraising. That went nowhere. Many of these people wouldn’t even tweet or retweet [links to the legal fund] when I asked them to.’

On Fox News, Trump called the FBI search of Giuliani’s apartment and office “unfair:”

‘[It is a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before.’

Both New York and Washington, D.C., have suspended his law license, which did not help his financial problems. At that point, Trump released a statement:

‘[He called him] greatest Mayor in the history of New York City [and] the Eliot Ness of his generation.’

It would be easy for Trump to issue “a statement of support for Giuliani’s fund and have it spread far and wide,” but he will not. A Daily Beast source said:

‘We are allowed to call out the RNC (Republican National Committee) and other Republican leaders. But not Donald Trump.’

‘After all, a primary reason Giuliani is even under the investigative gaze of the feds is because of what he did—largely at the former president’s behest—during the Trump-Ukraine scandal.’

Giuliani also faces a $1.3 billion-dollar defamation lawsuit for his over-the-top conspiracy theories trashing Dominion Voting Systems on behalf of Trump. Not only that:

‘[T]he most serious legal headache for Giuliani looms over all of his troubles: a Justice Department criminal probe into whether he violated foreign lobbying laws through his work in Ukraine.’

Attorney Alan Dershowitz worked with Trump during the first impeachment trial. He said that Giuliani called him after the FBI raid:

‘I have not called them, and they haven’t called me. Since then, they have not reached out to me for my advice, and I have not gone to them to offer it.’

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