Trump Obsessed Insurrectionist Arrested Again For Violent Assault


A Capitol rioter who was filmed destroying media equipment around the time of the January attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters has now been re-arrested on charges that he physically assaulted a family member. That rioter, Joshua Dillon Haynes, had recently been placed on house arrest as he awaited further proceedings related to the Capitol riot charges, but federal prosecutors have now requested a revocation of his bond, which would leave him back in custody ahead of his trial. Prosecutors requested the bond revocation in connection to the assault charges. As of this past Friday, a date hadn’t yet been set for a hearing to consider the question of revoking his bond.

If the bond connected to the federal charges is revoked, then Haynes would remain in custody, even if he’d otherwise be allowed to exit prison as part of proceedings connected to the assault charges. As of last Friday, The Roanoke Times reported that Haynes, who is a Virginia resident, was “being held in the Allegheny Regional Jail on charges of malicious wounding, strangulation and multiple misdemeanor charges of assaulting a family member.” Haynes was re-arrested over these domestic violence charges on July 27. Haynes bragged about perpetrating violence on January 6 at the Capitol, including in an apparent text message in which he wrote that he “Kicked the fake news ass.”

Haynes is currently facing a slew of charges related to the Capitol riot. According to information from the Justice Department, these charges include perpetrating acts of physical violence on the Capitol grounds and obstruction of an official proceeding — the latter of which comes with a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years, although sentences could end up significantly lower in the event that a defendant charged with the crime enters a plea deal. Haynes was originally arrested on July 1 in connection to the riot charges, and The Roanoke Times explains that he was subsequently “ordered to undergo a mental evaluation and to remain in his house except for court appearances and other court-approved appointments.”

Haynes is one of well over 530 Trump supporters who have been criminally charged in connection to the Capitol riot, and most of these cases remain ongoing. Not even all of the defendants who have opted to plead guilty have yet been sentenced. Trump, meanwhile, continues to spread the lies about the integrity of last year’s presidential election that originally inspired the riot. He and others have falsely claimed that the election was somehow rigged for Joe Biden, which the insurrectionists used as an inspiration.