Texas Democrats Face Imminent Arrest After New Court Order


It is not as if Texas did not already have the most restrictive voter access laws. Yet, the Republican-dominated legislature and governor are hell-bent upon tearing down any hint of our democracy’s freedom to vote. The U.S. Constitution has been very clear on that, even if some Supreme Courts twist themselves up in knots and have-knots (have nots), thus rescinding the flow of American rights.

A total of 57 Texas Democrats fled their Republican-led Congress to avoid a vote on a bill that would undermine voter accessibility. Without a quorum, the Republicans could not pass it:

‘They took planes to Washington D.C. to educate the U.S. Congress members and convince them how important national voting accessibility legislation was in their and other states.’

Nineteen of the Texas House Democrats filed a lawsuit against Texas Governor Abbott (R) and House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) asking the judge to protect them from threatened arrests when they returned to Texas, The Washington Post reported.

State District Judge Brad Urrutia (D) signed a very temporary limited restraining order late this weekend. He found that according to the Texas Constitution and the rules of the Texas House:


Yoyoing back, the Supreme Court of Texas on Tuesday ruled that absent Democratic lawmakers were not protected from arrest. The Court opened the door to possible lawmakers’ arrests.

The Washington Post reported:

‘[L]egislators who recently returned from Washington could be detained and brought to the House so Republicans can pass new voting restrictions.’

Executive Director of @JulianCastro’s People First Future, Sawyer Hackett tweeted:

‘Wow. The Texas Supreme Court has issued a stay allowing Democratic legislators who broke quorum to be arrested and brought to the chamber. Every Democrats (sic) should leave the state immediately.’

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Former U.S. Representative turned voting rights advocate Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has been engaged in seeking easy access to voting in person or via absentee ballot for Texans.

Right after Donald Trump lost, the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation was handing out prewritten legislation. The purpose of this was to generate bills that would impede Democrats from voting. So far, Republicans have written 400 bills.

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