‘The Lincoln Project’ Butchers Republicans For Blatant Vaccine Lies


How cold does a person have to be to lie about a vaccine that could save their followers’ lives? Of course, many of the nay-vaccine-sayers have already had their vaccinations. Donald Trump is at the top of that list. Both he and Melania quietly got theirs in January. The anti-vaxxers ride through the village seeking idiots to lather up and down with cock-and-bull stories. Check out the latest from one of our favorite truth-tellers, The Lincoln Project.

The brilliant former and nonpracticing Republicans used to turn their ire against Democrats. Now, they draw down a bead on the Republicans. Last Week in the Republican Party started out with a sign in a shop window reading “Notice Proof of Being UNvaccinated  Required.” That should be interesting to prove.

Then, Senator Ted Meet-Me South-of-the-Border Cruz (R-TX) squirreled across the screen shouting:

‘It’s a trap!’

The ever-present harbinger of death former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) made his appearance on Fox News. Above the network’s banner reading “Cases Could Double,” the lie slipped easily off of his forked tongue:

‘What I worry about is Dr. Fauci in terms of his cognitive impairment much more than I worry about President Biden.’

Then, there was the ever-present, but we wish she was not, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). She is haranguing about Dr. Fauci, claiming that with Americans’ money, Tony Fauci funded the COVID-19 virus in China. It would be so nice if Greene would just go back to the place wherever she escaped.

Then a series of holy-rollers crossed the stage with comments such as that “silly evil wicked vaccine” and the guy who enjoys America’s Revival:

‘You don’t have to wear the mask. You got Jesus!’ You don’t have to get the vaccine. You got Jesus!’


A woman from Trump’s audience sounding like she just saw all four Beatles alive again shouted:

‘We need you back!’

Then, there was the least-liked senator Ted Cruz shouting again:

‘It’s a trap!’

A guy with a mike said:

‘Trump actually is president of the United States. You know he wanted me to say that. But I approve this message. ‘

Then, he began laughing and laughing and laughing until it creeped us out. The screen went dark as The Lincoln Project’s brief video came to an end. And somewhere within that darkness, the dark Texas knight shouted:

‘It’s a trap!”

Yes, it is.

‘Last week in the Republican Party… pic.twitter.com/y7iWpUOWYV

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) August 10, 2021’

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