Jen Psaki Schools Peter Doocy (Again) At WH Press Conference


Rupert Murdoch grubs for every last dollar he can wring out of Fox News. The greater the fiction, the more the audience enjoys what we can no longer call “news.” It is more like infotainment, fast-breaking fiction, and the dark fantasy parading around in the grim expression of Tucker Carlson. He broadcast his wheel-of-unfortunate show from strongman/dictator Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s digs. But he was not reporting alone. There was the intrepid Peter Doocy-do-wrong.

Orbán has been trying to wooing far-right-wing Americans, perhaps in an attempt to get them used to an authoritarian government, as Donald Trump would also like and nearly obtained on January 6.

Researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Hannah Gais studies right-wing extremism and sent an email to MSNBC indicating:

‘Night after night, he’s promoted rhetoric that was once on the fringes, or at least should be on the fringes, to millions of viewers. Tucker has already carried water for Orbán’s anti-immigration policies and his attacks on philanthropist George Soros — now he’s further whitewashing this authoritarian government for an American audience.’

So it comes as no surprise that Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s thorn in her side, Fox’s Doocy, would be operating on innuendo and subterfuge. He started out with a false assumption, asking her if President Joe Biden “created some vaccine hesitancy” when he said he did not trust Donald Trump’s pandemic advice. Doocy failed to mention that the ex-president suggested people ingesting bleach and inserting UV light into…somewhere.

Then he said, according to The Washington Post:

‘Speaking of misinformation and the announcement from yesterday,or how long has the administration been spying on people’s Facebook profiles, looking for vaccine misinformation?’

The Fox reporter even specifically cited the surgeon general’s office as “spying” on people based upon “nothing but innuendo and a dumbfoundingly apparent lack of research,” according to NBC News:

‘But, okay, so these 12 people who you have on a list — 12 individuals — do they know that somebody at the surgeon general’s office is going through their profile?’

After that Doocy compared the current administration to “Big Brother.” Ever the professional in tough circumstances, Psaki said that the sitting POTUS did not trust Trump’s suggestion on fighting the coronavirus pandemic:

‘[If President Biden] created some vaccine hesitancy, I think it’s safe to say he still doesn’t trust Donald Trump. So that hasn’t changed. But he does trust scientists. He does trust data experts and he does trust the people leading the CDC, the FDA, which is the gold standard for the approval of vaccines.’

Doocy pressed:

‘Yes, but at the time when Donald Trump was out there saying we’re going to have a vaccine in the next couple of weeks, next couple of months and Joe Biden is out there on the campaign trail saying don’t trust Donald Trump. Did that create any kind of vaccine hesitancy?’

Psaki responded noting Trump was “suggesting people inject versions of poison into their veins:”

‘Not that we’ve seen in the data. I would note that at the time, just for context, the former president was also suggesting people inject versions of poison into their veins to cure Covid. So I think that’s a relevant point.’

Back in Budapest, Carlson let out a whopper:

‘If you care about Western civilization and democracy and families and the ferocious assault on all three of those things by the leaders of our global institutions, you should know what is happening here right now.’

Check out Psaki and Doocy in action below:

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