‘The Lincoln Project’ Hits DeSantis & Abbott For Failing Kids


In a new video, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project called out Republican governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida for their glaring lack of basic decency in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis in their respective states. As of this Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Florida and Texas had the highest daily averages of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the nation, but DeSantis and Abbott have established themselves as firmly opposed to some of the most basic safety measures, like mandates to wear masks. Both governors recently put orders in place seeking to block certain local officials from putting mask mandates into action.

The new video from The Lincoln Project spotlights the potentially dangerous consequences of DeSantis and Abbott’s recklessness. Those who could suffer include children, who both DeSantis and Abbott have tried to block from being subjected to mask mandates as the school year begins. The video opens by showing a child in a classroom, wearing a mask. On the screen during that segment, there’s a message proclaiming that “this is where your child should be this fall.” Next, the video shows a child in a hospital bed, and a message on screen notes that “this is where they could be.” Although COVID-19 has often significantly affected older population groups, no age group is somehow immune from the dangerous and potentially deadly effects of the virus, and amid the ongoing rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations, children have been among those admitted.

The new Lincoln Project video ends with the following message displayed on screen:

‘If you could prevent this, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t anyone?’

As the video draws to a close, it displays footage of DeSantis and Abbott, making clear exactly who the group is targeting with their new production. In their caption for the video, The Lincoln Project adds that “First they asked you to sacrifice your grandparents for the economy, now it’s your children.” Watch the video below: