Alexander Vindman Declares Allegiance To Challenger Of Ted Cruz


Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s new book Here, Right Matters is doing well — in fact, he shared on Twitter this Thursday that the book had hit the second spot on the non-fiction bestsellers list from The New York Times. Vindman jokingly said that the book actually sat at the number one spot, since the leader as of the point of his remarks was a book by conservative commentator Mark Levin called American Marxism, and Levin isn’t exactly known for his close ties to the truth. In fact, no major political party in the United States is currently systematically promoting actual Marxism, making the basic premise of Levin’s book quite nonsensical.

Vindman showcasing the success of his book could no doubt irk Trump, whose first impeachment proceedings featured prominent testimony from Vindman. Until a subsequent firing, Vindman worked as part of the National Security Council, and as part of those job responsibilities, he listened in real time to a phone conversation in which Trump sought to pressure the Ukrainian president into investigating the Bidens and other issues. Trump was impeached on a charge of abuse of power for that plot, which unfolded as the Trump administration held aid for Ukraine in limbo, upping the stakes. Trump was also impeached on a charge of obstruction of Congress during the same proceedings.

Check out part of Vindman’s remarks below:

On Thursday, Vindman also publicly called out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who helped lay the ideological foundation for the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6 via his deception regarding the integrity of last year’s presidential election. The rioters were inspired by the lie that the election was somehow rigged for Biden. After Cruz endorsed Iowa Republican Nicole Hasso in her bid to unseat Iowa Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Axne, Vindman posted an endorsement for Axne. As Vindman put it on Twitter:

‘I’m endorsing anyone running against whomever [Ted Cruz] endorses. Go get’em [Rep. Cindy Axne]! #HereRightMatters #MakeRightMatter’

Check out Vindman’s endorsement below: