Trump Name Removed From Prominent Building As Brand Sinks


All throughout the nation and even in other countries, Americans have been expressing their outrage against ex-president Donald Trump. Since the Secret Service pried his little fingers away from the White House stairs banister and threw him out he has been throwing a whopping tantrum that the election was stolen from him. No Donald, you cast off your dignity, no one stole it. Very unattractive, and now, this.

All through the country and even in other countries, Americans have been expressing their outrage against the ex-president, many vandalizing the big Trump lettering. The condo owners in White House, New York threw his own name back at him, according to The Real Deal.

In a few weeks, they will release him from Tower at City Center, not surprisingly at the city’s center. Theirs is a luxury tower reaching 35 stories into the sky. Owners announced their decision to rebrand the complex and removed the Trump Organization from managing the building. Trump Org has managed the tower since it rose in 2005. It applied to manage the tower once again before it heard the news. People have learned that the Trump name spells a loss of profits.

Some noted that the January 6 failed coup in Washington, DC changed their mind and decided to remove him in all ways. There was a 70 percent vote among the condo owners to take action.

This decision follows similar moves by condo boards over the last several years Parc Stamford in Connecticut, at 120 and 200 Riverside Boulevard on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Trump Soho in Manhattan, and Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach have already done so. Back in December 2017, the owners of Dominick Hotel “ditched the president’s brand and renamed the property,” according to The Newsweek magazine.

It appears that Trump Plaza in New Rochelle and Trump Park Residence in Yorktown still remain loyal to the former president, no matter the cost.

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