GOP College Chairman Arrested For Sex Trafficking In Florida


Politics and college students often go hand-in-hand as young Americans become old enough to vote and more engaged with what’s going on in their worlds. Most universities have Republican and Democrat-centered organizations, and the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota is no different.

That university got quite the shock this week when they learned that one of their own, Gisela Castro Medina, 19, who had recently become the chairwoman for the University of St. Thomas College Republicans, was arrested for trafficking minors in coordination with 30-year-old Anton “Tony” Lazzaro, a GOP activist in Minnesota, according to the StarTribune.

‘Medina was arrested early Thursday evening in Fort Walton Beach on a charge of being a fugitive from justice. Her last known address was listed on Cretin Avenue in St. Paul, where St. Thomas is located.

‘The sheriff’s site noted that she was a fugitive from the FBI in Minnesota and wanted on conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors.’

Medina is a business administration management student at St. Thomas and had joined the prelaw society and business law club in addition to joining the College Republicans. The Daily Beast, who first broke the story, spoke with University of St. Thomas, who released a statement quickly afterward.

‘The details of these allegations are very disturbing and saddening. St. Thomas condemns these actions, and we pray for the victims. Under our student code of conduct, St. Thomas students charged with a felony will be interim suspended pending further proceedings.’

The state chapter Minnesota College Republicans chairwoman, Nia Moore, spoke to The Daily Beast about Medina’s role in the organization, saying that she had not yet officially taken over duties with the campus closed due to COVID-19.

‘Moore said she had only spoken on the phone to Medina, who became chair in the spring, and had never met her in person. She said the party’s St. Thomas chapter had not been active because students, including herself, were away from campus and attending classes remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.’

Featured image screenshot via Twitter