School Superintendent Defies Abbott To Save Children From COVID


The governors of two states that forbade masks now have 40 percent of all the cases of coronavirus. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are guilty of condemning many of their voters to death, only to please Donald Trump. If they kill off their base of voters, though, who will vote for them?

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa told reporters late Sunday, the district would defy Abbott and continue its own mask mandate, according to the Dallas-Ft. Worth NBC affiliate:

‘We have to protect the health and safety of our students and until there’s an official order of the court that applies the Dallas Independent School District, we will continue to have the mask mandate.’

The district has about 150,000 students and 22,000 employees, according to Hinojosa.

He held a news conference regarding the Texas Supreme Court’s order that came down Sunday evening. The court sided with Abbott and temporarily blocked the Dallas County’s mask mandate Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins put in place. The order also applied to Bexar County.

After talking to his attorneys, Hinojosa said he does not think the governor’s order applied to the DISD. The reason was that the district is not specially named, The Dallas News reported. He said:

‘It listed Clay Jenkins and Dallas County, did not say one word about Dallas ISD.’

The superintendent said his district was not involved in any litigation as of yet. And until the courts enforce a mandate, they will continue with their mask order. Most of the district returned to classes Monday:

‘So we are going to have the mask mandate tomorrow. We’re going to be benevolent, we’re going to be nice, and we’re going to be firm and we’re going to enforce it.’

The schools handed out masks to anyone needing one. It also asked people to comply with the district mask mandate within a given “amount of time.” Should they not comply, Hinojas said there was a “code of conduct:”

‘We have progressive discipline, and we will have alternatives that we’ve worked with our principals on how to handle every case on a case-by-case manner. We will hand out masks, we will ask people to comply in a certain amount of time, but we also do not want to endanger people, and so while we’re trying to resolve this, we’re going to have a different location for those employees, students or staff members.’

DISD students returned in three phases that began several weeks ago, but the majority of students began on Monday. Thus far, there have been no issues.

When asked about what he meant by a “different location” meant, Hinojosa said:

‘We’re working with our campuses to make sure we have a room where we have a teacher for any students who may not want to wear it, may not be participating with everyone else, so they’ll have their instructional will go on, but they will not be in the classroom with other students.’

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