Economic Report Shows Biden Economy Surging Past Trump Prediction


People are backseat driving President Joe Biden through the Afghanistan extraction of Americans and Afghanis who served beside us during the 20-year war. That is the focus of the news along with the dramatic increase in coronavirus delta variant pandemic. But there is some very good news.

Last week, the jobless claims fell to a new low since people were first confined to their homes, this as a result of President Joe Biden’s management of the economy. Those seeking unemployment benefits dropped like a rock by 29,000 as reported by the Department of Labor’s report on Thursday.

On August 14, the department showed 348,000 jobless claims for the week. Going all the way back to March 14, 2020, 256,000 applied for unemployment insurance.

In addition, 109,379 people applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). That coronavirus jobless aid program will end on September 7. About 5,500 requested PUA last week.

Perhaps prematurely, 26 states have already pulled out of the expanded pandemic unemployment aid. Another 7.5 million people were expected to lose all of their jobless benefits when those programs end on Labor Day.

President Biden said that the nation could handle these benefits, but it just “makes sense” to let the programs halt given the extraordinary increase in job openings. However, the president had not fully made up his mind about that given the recent dramatic increase of the delta variant.

Can he extend the September 7 deadline? Maybe. That depends upon whether a bill doing so can make it all the way to his desk.

Ever critical, the Republican lawmakers have been demanding that President Biden end the jobless programs. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and some other moderate Democrats are also against extending the programs.

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