Ron DeSantis Hit With New Video Ad Exposing His Deadly Failure


As the delta variant of COVID-19 continues to consume Florida, which as of this Thursday has more average daily COVID-19 hospitalizations than any other state, the anti-DeSantis political action committee known as Remove Ron has come out with a powerful new ad. The ad showcases the failures of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who has presided over the catastrophic spread of COVID-19 across his state. Florida has flown past its previous single-day record for COVID-19 hospitalizations, and early this Thursday, the state’s COVID-19 hospitalizations hit another new record: 17,295. With the potential for long-term side effects from COVID-19, many of these people’s lives could be changed — and DeSantis keeps petulantly refusing to even support mandates to wear face masks.

DeSantis, like other Republicans, has cast the question of COVID-19 precautions as an issue of freedom. It’s not — it’s a matter of life and death. Besides, what about the “freedom” of vulnerable people to live their lives without preventable exposure to a deadly pathogen? “Freedom” is not an easily quantifiable concept, and it’s not tangible — whether or not someone is alive, however, is a very front-and-center issue. DeSantis has simply opted to lazily stick with talking about “freedom” instead of taking precautions more seriously.

In the new ad from Remove Ron, a narrator says as follows:

‘There’s no denying it, Ron. You’ve got blood on your hands. It’s your fault that masks and vaccines have been politicized, questioned, even disputed, and now, a darkness has fallen over the Sunshine State, as Florida has again become a worldwide epicenter of COVID-19. Over 40,000 moms, dads, veterans, police officers, even children — dead. Your policies didn’t save their lives, Ron. They just allowed delta to spread further and faster than any other variant, leading to more suffering, human misery, and death than ever. We won’t let you get away with it, Ron. Neither will Florida.’

As of early Thursday afternoon (a little over a day after it went up), what appeared to be the initial post of the ad on the “Remove Ron” Twitter account had been viewed over a quarter of a million times. Check out the pointed video below: