‘The Lincoln Project’ Honors War Veterans In Tear-Jerking New Video


On Thursday, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project released a new video honoring U.S. veterans. The organization released this video during the ongoing national controversy surrounding the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan — as U.S. personnel have moved to complete this withdrawal, the Taliban has swiftly taken over Afghanistan. Figures including prominent Republicans have starkly criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, although advocating for continued fighting essentially entails advocating for continued deaths for the sake of whatever agenda that those proposing the extended fighting may have in mind. The Lincoln Project took a different approach, uplifting veterans instead of calling for more soldiers to be put in peril.

In the new video from The Lincoln Project, a narrator says as follows:

‘When America was attacked, they answered the call. Young men and women — some, not so young. They fought and died in places with names they had never heard and few Americans remember. They weren’t serving as Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives. They came as Americans. They fought as Americans. They died as Americans. For us, they answered the call. We can never honor their sacrifice enough, but each day we must try. Thank you. You are the best of us — we will not forget.’

Watch below:

Biden has defended his administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, explaining how he felt as though, according to current national interests, he could not continue the war effort in the country and put even more people in danger. More acutely, Biden said this week that U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan until all American citizens were able to be evacuated from the country, even if such a point arrives only after the previously set deadline for the withdrawal. As Biden put it to George Stephanopoulos, the “commitment holds to get everyone out that in fact we can get out, and everyone who should come out.”