‘The Lincoln Project’ Whoops AZ Governor For Endangering Children


In a new ad, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project went after Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey for his opposition to mask mandates in schools in his state. Ducey is one of a slew of Republican governors who have launched such opposition, despite the fact that no age group is somehow automatically immune from the potentially deadly effects of COVID-19. Other governors who have undertaken similar opposition include Florida Republican Ron DeSantis and Texas Republican Greg Abbott.

The new video from The Lincoln Project says that Ducey “has a question” for parents in Arizona. That question, the clip says, is: “Which one do you value more? Your child’s education? Or their life?” The ad features footage from a CNN news report about Ducey announcing an intention to keep certain federal relief money from schools that require face masks. Ducey previously signed a law against school mask mandates back in June, but in certain areas, determined local officials have gone against the wishes of their reckless Republican leaders and instituted mask mandates anyway. In Arizona, school officials in the Phoenix area are among those who’ve imposed mask mandates.

Check out the new video from The Lincoln Project below:

Besides announcing a plan to withhold certain funds from schools that require masks, Ducey also “announced a grant program for students who attend schools that require masks, allowing them to use the money for education expenses like transportation and tuition costs at a different school,” as newly explained by CNN. This program is also set to be funded by federal relief money provided to Arizona. Meanwhile, a Florida judge ruled this week that a lawsuit against Governor DeSantis over his own recent executive order seeking to block mask mandates in schools could proceed, with arguments now set for next week. In making this decision, the judge tossed out a motion from Florida state authorities to dismiss the case. The judge, Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper, said that he is convinced that the plaintiffs “have a right to challenge the governor” on this matter.