GOP Rep Caught Failing To Disclose Millions In Stock Trades


Why do Republican legislators believe that they can imitate Donald Trump and get away with it? After all, others have come before them and failed time and time again. Still they copy his lies, make huge financial cheats, and do what Representative Diana Harshbarger (R-TN) did. Take a look.

The congresswoman “failed to properly report more than 700 stock trades by herself and her husband Robert Harshbarger between January and June,” ABC affiliate WATE reported:

‘The value of those trades was at least $728,000 but could be as much as $10.9 million, according to the report.’

It was reported by the Tennessee media that last December she hired attorneys to make certain she complied with the House Committee on Ethics guidelines and reporting requirements. They worked with her financial planner, who managed Harshbarger’s financial portfolio, providing an established system of protocols. They did this to make certain the representative’s financial planner was familiar with all processes and requirements.

Harshbarger did not authorize, direct, or approve any financial transactions. However, is the Tennessee media seriously biased toward her? ABC affiliate WATE said:

‘The Financial Advisor did not follow the established system and protocols. When the Financial Advisors’ gross oversight was discovered, it became immediately clear that he was not familiar, and his error caused the Congresswoman not to meet reporting requirements within the specified timeframe.’

That may or may not be accurate. Even so, she was still responsible for the results. In the meantime, according to The Business Insider:

‘[She and her attorneys] immediately worked to rectify by self-reporting to the Committee and worked with it to file all necessary paperwork. Congresswoman Harshbarger, despite her best efforts to remain compliant, accepts full responsibility and has taken the appropriate steps to ensure this never happens again.’

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