Biden Approval Polling From Veterans Has Democrats Smiling Wide


The man who must have crept around the White House after midnight former Donald Trump advisor Stephen Miller is just plain spooky. Even though he has a partial Jewish heritage, Miller appears to have been trying to excise it from his DNA by deflecting his hatred onto all people of color and other religions. That includes his Jewishness. It was his idea to take children away from those with refugee status on the border. We should have guessed what other acts of cruelty he had in mind regarding the Afghanistan refugees. Americans are better than that, but there is a stark line of demarcation between some.

An aide to former Vice President Mike Pence (R), Olivia Troye, remembered sitting in on meetings with Miller, according to The New York Times. He reduced the numbers in our Afghanistan and Iraq refugee program until he slowed it down to a complete stop she said:

‘Now we are in this crisis and they are saying Trump would have evacuated them. But he didn’t in four years. You don’t get to play revisionist history here. There are people who know what the situation is.’

President Joe Biden has performed a momentous extrication of Afghani refugees in record time, 48,000 this month already. A new poll showed that veterans were strongly for the withdrawal of those in Afghanistan who helped us during the 20-year war and others with targets on their backs. But the Republicans have been marching completely down another street than the rest of us.

The nation has turned its attention to the fate of translators and other Afghan allies as American has been winding down its operation in Afghanistan. The two-decade war has ended. And Americans have been grateful.

A new Public Policy Poll showed that when vets were asked whether “they would welcome Afghan refugees into their own neighborhoods,” they said they would by a 46-37 percent margin, Vote Vets reported:

‘A majority of Democrats and Independents would support bringing Afghans into their own neighborhoods. [But] Republicans are out of step with the majority of Americans, saying they would oppose any Afghans settling in their communities (20 percent support, 64 percent oppose).’

The interviewees were asked about ending the war:

‘Do you believe it is time for America to bring troops home from Afghanistan and end the war, or do you believe we need to continue the war in Afghanistan and send more troops in to retake the country from the Taliban?’

Veterans support the withdrawal 63-24 percent.

Director of Government Relations for VoteVets Mary Kaszynski said:

‘Veterans know the cost of war, so it should come as no surprise that they strongly back President Biden’s decision to end the war in Afghanistan. The military achieved its security mission in Afghanistan a long time ago, when it decimated al Qaeda and brought Osama bin Laden to justice. Veterans strongly believe President Biden is right – it is time to go.’

She continued:

‘The heartbreaking images we’re seeing from Afghanistan have most Americans feeling a sense of responsibility to care for our Afghan allies. Given how Donald Trump and his radical allies in Congress and right-wing media have riled Republicans up about helping any refugee, this shouldn’t come as a shock that when it comes to doing right by our Afghan allies, Republicans are just not willing to step up in the same way other Americans are.’

Only the question of the refugees and ending the Afghanistan war weas made public in the Public Policy Poll. It was conducted from August 20-21. Participants used both landlines and texting to respond. And the poll consisted of 668 registered voters and 606 veterans.

The poll results on other subjects will be released later.