Alexander Vindman Clobbers Trump Jr. For Afghanistan Hypocrisy


Lt. General H.R. McMaster former National Security Adviser (ret.) cut through the nonsense and said this about the Afghan War, “It is not a 20-year war. It is a one-year war fought 20 times.” Unfortunately following some unknown agenda, the military man went on to criticize President Joe Biden. The Lt. General worked in the last administration, but that did not stop little Donald Trump Jr. from jumping on his neck.

Sure Jr. is just a shadow of his old man, like a little boy who spent his whole life mimicking his dad right down to his ever-loving ducktail hair in a fruitless attempt to gain his love. But Donald Trump could easily be unable to feel love toward anyone but himself. Twitter finally kick Donald Trump off of its platform permanently after January 6. But Donald Trump Jr. has an account, and he never stops jumping up and down in front of the ex-president as the ex sees right through him. Look what Jr. did now.

Jr. has tried to use current slang but in the stilted manner of someone who has been trying too hard. Sunday he took on the “woke generals.” Don Jr. has never served in the military, and both his dad or his grandfather skipped out on serving, too. Yet he immediately jumped on the attack bandwagon to go after the sitting generals. Why? They were not nice to his buddy Tucker Carlson.

Although we were not sure that Don Jr. knew what the word meant when he tweeted calling the generals “a disgrace:”

‘The woke generals can troll Tucker Carlson on twitter (sic) and pontificate about “white rage” in front of Congress, but simply asking for accountability for their deadly mistakes…gets you fired. What a disgrace.’Screen-Shot-2021-08-29-at-8.57.49-AM Alexander Vindman Clobbers Trump Jr. For Afghanistan Hypocrisy Donald Trump Featured Military Politics Top Stories

He served in the White House and was a career military man, finally as the Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council under Donald Trump, according to NPR. Retired United States ArmyLeutenant Colonel Alexander C. Vindman wiped Jr. out with one hand behind tied behind him. He texted “Right matters:”

‘Since you have zero idea of how the military works. Service-members are expected to do the right thing, but in the right way. His remarks were compelling… maybe valid, but saying it in uniform & showing contempt for protected leaders is not good order & discipline. #rightmatters’

Screen-Shot-2021-08-29-at-9.08.33-AM Alexander Vindman Clobbers Trump Jr. For Afghanistan Hypocrisy Donald Trump Featured Military Politics Top Stories


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