Trump Political Operations Gave $4,000,000 To Jan 6 Organizers


If a person rose up from one of the White nationalist groups and sent tens of thousands of his “army” to overthrow our great country, what would that look like? They would probably not bring guns, because of tight D.C. restrictions on that. But they might plant a bomb at a political headquarters away from the Capitol Building. They would probably come prepared with other weapons concocted out of everyday items. Their leader and his people would organize them, rally them, send them into battle to kill the line of succession, the vice president, the Speaker, and many other lawmakers. And what would we call that?

Would we put sweet little words around it, such as insurgency, sedition, or rally? Of course not. We would use words such as rebellion, revolution, and traitor. The Democrats and the media have danced around the trauma of this battle for the heart of the country, our very democracy. Is it not time to be honest with our words?

People died. Over 140 Capitol Police were injured. One lost his eye, another lost fingers. They were savagely beaten, relentlessly tasered, and bloodied. But this army got misdemeanor charges, three months in jail, modest fines. The media must be more honest with Americans, because if they do not know how close to a Donald Trump dictatorship we came, how will they hold Congress accountable?

Fortunately, the House Select Committee is putting everything on the line and The Open Secrets is following the money:

  • Trump’s political operation paid over $4.3 million to organizers of the January 6 Save America attack
  • The Committee requested records from 15 social media companies.
  • It requested records from federal agencies related to the riot.
  • It gave multiple agencies a mandate to expedite their requests within two weeks: the Department of Justice (DOJ), National Archives and Records Administration, the FBI, and others.

  • The Committee subpoenaed a longtime GOP fundraiser and VIP advisor per the National Park Service permit, Caroline Wren who got at a minimum $170,000 from Trump’s group.
  • On that permit, Megan Powers was listed as an operations manager and paid $300,000 as Trump’s director of operations.
  • The Make America Great Again PAC paid her $20,000 for “consulting.”
  • The Committee requested records regarding January 6 speaker and the Women for Trump initiative co-chair, Gina Loudon.

  • It also wanted records on the co-founder of  Women for America First Amy Kremer, “a 501(c)(4) nonprofit “dark money” group that submitted the rally’s permit records to the National Park Service.
  • It requested “letters related to Dustin Stockton, a co-organizer of the rally [and]  spokesperson for WeBuildtheWall.”
  • Trump’s fundraising group the Trump Make America Great Again Committee spent over $771 million via American Made Media Consultants LLC during the 2020 campaign.
  • Trump’s joint fundraising committee routed another $685,000 through a secretive limited-liability company in 2021 and $222,000 of that for text messaging on Jan. 6.

  • Trump’s limited-liability company served as a “clearinghouse” to pay vendors millions of dollars.
  • Red Eagle Media Group funneled money from Trump’s campaign and super PAC to shell ad buyers in an “alleged illegal coordination scheme with the National Rifle Association and America First Action during the 2020 election cycle.”
  • Trump’s political operation and super PAC Make America Great Again paid Event Strategies Inc.’s people listed on the permit.
  • Trump’s political operation paid Event Strategies more than $2.5 million since the start of the 2020 election with around $800,000 of that coming from Trump’s Save America leadership PAC and Make America Great Again Action super PAC in 2021.

  • Trump’s political operation paid Event Strategies more than $2.5 million since the start of the 2020 election with around $800,000 of that coming from Trump’s Save America leadership PAC and Make America Great Again Action super PAC in 2021.
  • The Make America Great Again Action super PAC paid  $128,125 to fundraiser Meredith O’Rourke’s Forward Strategies firm and was subpoenaed in Rudy Giuliani’s federal investigation, according to The POLITICO
  • The super PAC paid Red Elephant Strategy owner and president of America First Policies’ dark-money branch of the former super PAC, America First Action Brian Walsh.
  • Walsh donated $1.8 million to the Make America Great Again Action fund.

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