FBI Puts Trump Obsessed Poll Worker Under Investigation For ‘Lost’ Ballots


New evidence proves that there really was election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump was right. The only problem for him is that it appears that it was his people that committed the fraud. But the thing is all of the Make America Great Again’s (MAGA) devotion to him only runs one way. He never has their backs and will throw them under the bus in a hot minute if it helps him. This “crusader for election security” found out the hard way.

Clerk of Mesa County, Colorado Tina Peters spoke at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium” this month. She said “there’s some discrepancies,” according to The Daily Beast:

‘I’ve looked at it objectively. There’s some discrepancies there that I cannot deny, and I tell people, ‘I cannot unsee some of these things.’ If I’m going to be honest with the people of Mesa County and Colorado and all of you, I cannot unsee some of these things.’

Her office left a box of over 570 uncounted ballots. Then, one of the people who worked for her turned her into the FBI. The whistleblower said one of her office’s drop boxes also leaked ballots. Peters went underground.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office admonished her:

‘There are some lines you can’t cross in an election administration. That is one of them: not counting ballots that should be counted.’

Amanda Polson, who served as elections director under Sheila Reiner, told the Daily Beast:

‘The Secretary of State’s Office appointed someone to be in the [clerk’s] office to help with the election.’

An experienced former Mesa County Clerk employee Patti Inscho was hired to help Peters handle the elections, according to The Colorado Sun:

‘Tina didn’t want to fight facts. She wanted to damage people. She did and said a lot of things about me that are untrue. It hurt my reputation, and it’s hard to fight back against.;

When Inscho was terminated, Polson saw it as a bad omen:

‘Essentially, that person [Inscho] got shut out. Nothing had improved in the office. She was still, we thought, not handling the ballot issue correctly. There are some lines you can’t cross in an election administration. That is one of them: not counting ballots that should be counted.’

Polson started her recall of Peters in earnest a year ago, because she lost ballots, her staff bailed, there were questionable business expenses, and she refused to oversee some elections:

‘We all took a giant step back and figured that, if the recall failed, she was really someone else’s problem at that point.’

Reiner said she was antagonized by Peters loyalists who objected to the recall:

‘I agreed with the group that things weren’t being done properly. I didn’t believe that Tina was doing a good job.

‘I’m a Republican. There are some other Republicans that felt like that I wasn’t being loyal to the brand, let’s put it that way.’

Peters filed a complaint about County Treasurer Teak Simonton being a Democrat. It was ridiculous, because he just verified signatures:

‘I think she probably knows as well as anyone that there’s really nothing that can be handled inappropriately based on one opinion on the situation.’

‘The law is very straightforward and very detailed on exactly how you administer and verify signatures. So her concerns were really unwarranted. Anything that would have been done was verifiable and transparent. It’s my guess that she was hoping to bolster her position by diminishing my engagement because I’m a Democrat. (Simonton was also tasked with compiling a report on Peters’ office, in which she praised Peters’ staffers but criticized the clerk as “distrusting, frequently rude and antagonistic.”’

The recall missed the 12,129 signatures needed to advance the recall by 1,200 signatures. Inscho said:

‘I honestly believe that had there not been a pandemic, had there been big gatherings, that we would have passed that petition. We would have reached enough names. It was just too hard with everything shut down.’

Frustrated, they had to just watch Peters settle in to administer the 2020 general election:

‘Those of us who were involved in recall, it was very taxing on us, mentally and physically. We all took a giant step back and figured that, if the recall failed, she was really someone else’s problem at that point. We had done what we could to deal with it and it didn’t work.’

Peters’ critics believed this was just another development that should have ended several screwup earlier:

‘It’s kind of horrifying to watch. Several of us on the recall committee worked at the elections office. Seeing the work and trust that we built come crashing down was really hard to watch. We figured something worse was going to happen. It was just a matter of when and how and what.’

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold alleged that Peters let an unauthorized individual monitor county voting machines. The cameras were turned off somehow, and copies of data were leaked to a conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins.

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