Sidney Powell Suffers New Public Humiliation As Downfall Continues


Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell — who was recently sanctioned by a federal judge in Michigan and referred for possible suspension or disbarment in connection to a case she helped bring challenging Biden’s Michigan win — sat down for an interview as part of an Australian documentary recently, and it didn’t go great for her. The documentary is called “Fox and the Big Lie” and was produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and at one point, Powell walked out of the interview amid questioning about her claims regarding the election technology company Smartmatic, which she has alleged was involved with the (imaginary) election-rigging that she falsely says drove Biden’s win.

In the interview, reporter Sarah Ferguson asked Powell to clarify the number of states where Smartmatic materials were used as part of the 2020 election — and stunningly, Powell replied by saying that she didn’t “even know the exact numbers.” After Ferguson pointed out that Powell had made sweeping statements about Smartmatic, so she “must have known what their involvement was in the election,” Powell replied that the reporter would “have to go look at our complaint.” (She was referring to litigation in which she’s been involved.)

Ferguson then came in with a kicker. As she observed:

‘A Google search would have shown you that Smartmatic was operating in one single county in California.’

Powell subsequently said that she thinks the company’s “involvement” was “probably a lot bigger than that.” Powell left it at that: no evidence, no specifics — by all appearances, just conjecture. Ferguson subsequently asked Powell what “research” or “fact-checking” she’d done “to find out what Smartmatic’s actual involvement in the election was” — and unsurprisingly, Powell did not answer the question. Instead, she instantly deflected, asking Ferguson if she works for Smartmatic. After Ferguson went on, Powell said that she was “confused right now about why you’re here.” After Ferguson went on once more, Powell called the interview “wholly inappropriate in the litigation that we’re in” and — for the time being, at least — stormed off.

By all appearances, the litigation to which Powell referred includes two defamation lawsuits she’s facing from Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems, another election technology company that has been a subject of her conspiracy theories. After Powell eventually returned, Ferguson pointedly commented as follows:

‘All of the organizations who had the responsibility to check the nature of this election and to verify its results say there was no fraud.’

Powell interjected to call these claims “propaganda,” which is obviously laughably ridiculous. Is there any amount of evidence that would get Powell and her allies to recognize that the reality in front of them is not “propaganda”? In every single state, officials certified the results of the election. Does she seriously expect observers to take her claim seriously that untold thousands of people across essentially all meaningful levels of government were involved in an election-rigging scheme?

As Ferguson put it:

‘What you’re describing is a massive, country-wide fraud involving the FBI, the DOJ, the Department of Homeland Security, the organizations who certify elections, and on and on, all the way up to the Attorney General, and thousands of local election officials. Are you saying that thousands of Americans participated in a fraud?’

Powell replied as follows:

‘I am saying that thousands of Americans had some role in it, knowingly or unknowingly. It was essentially a bloodless coup, where they took over the presidency of the United States without a single shot being fired.’

Asked who the “they” in that sentence referred to, Powell said — incredibly — that she doesn’t even “know who all the ‘they’ are.” She also claimed that whoever “they” are had planned their supposed election fraud scheme for “at least three years.” Asked if she ever hears herself “and think[s] that it sounds ridiculous,” Powell said no. Check out clips from the interview with Powell regarding these issues in the thread below: