Another Top Trump Goon To Testify Under Oath In NY Criminal Probe


Amidst all the news about Donald Trump’s idiotic “statements,” accusations of rape and other forms of sexual assault, and investigations into his attempted political coup, it’s easy to lose sight of all the evidence that he’s also a corrupt businessman whose business is being investigated for serious federal crimes. In New York’s Attorney General’s Office, the focus remains there with new developments still being released.

The newest Trump Organization executive to be subpoenaed is Matthew Calamari, Jr., who served as corporate director of security and whose father worked as Trump’s chief operating officer and is potentially a target of the investigation. Calamari, Jr. is expected to be asked about the Trump Organization’s practice of paying top executives in gifts of lavish homes or elite educations for their children and grandchildren, gifts that they then failed to report to the IRS in order to avoid paying high income taxes. Calamari, Jr. will not be the only person testifying this week, but he is the closest to the former president’s top brass in his business.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

‘Two Trump Organization employees are expected to testify before a grand jury this week as Manhattan prosecutors seek to advance their criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business affairs, according to people familiar with the matter.’

Tax fraud may, however, only be the tip of the iceberg. As prosecutors press executives like Calamari, Jr. and CEO Alan Weisselberg over tax fraud, it is suspected that they’re using these crimes as leverage to force the officials to give up the goods on higher officials: the Trump family. It’s a well-used practice that has shut down more than one criminal operation, and may prove to be the undoing of Trump’s shady business practices.

‘Matthew Calamari Jr., the Trump Organization’s corporate director of security and the son of the company’s chief operating officer, was served a subpoena for his testimony this week, the people said. Prosecutors have examined an apartment Mr. Calamari received from the Trump Organization and how he reported that apartment on his taxes.’

The case follows recent charges and an arrest of Weisselberg, who a family member says has been helping Trump cheat the IRS for years. Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law, has made no secret of her cooperation with investigators in the case.

CNN reports that:

‘In July, the district attorney’s office charged the Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg with a 15-year alleged tax scheme, saying they systematically avoided paying payroll taxes and income taxes on fringe benefits including rent-free apartments, cars and private school tuition. They pleaded not guilty.’