Pelosi Fires Warning Shot At GOP Over Madison Cawthorn’s Violence


Uh, oh. Somebody is in big trouble. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is not happy with one 26-year-old Republican representative. She may appear petite, but the lifelong politician is a real powerhouse. People may not like her personally, but few would deny her skill. She has been described as “the best speaker in history.” A little errant Republican stepped upon a stage and called for bloodshed, for a second Civil War, drawing the Speaker’s attention immediately. She turned and beaded her eye upon his misbehaving self.

Keep in mind that Pelosi was born into a family of politicians. Her father was a U.S. representative. Her mother was an activist, and both her father and her brother became mayors of Baltimore, Maryland. The Speaker was the youngest of seven children, all boys except for her. What a wonderful training ground for political excellence.

It seems that Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) spoke before an audience claiming the elections “continue to be rigged,” according to MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show. Under a real Republican minority leader, the young man would be nailed up to the wall and dried. But poor Ken McCarthy (R-CA) is a Trumpican and cannot stand up to him. It seems he lost his spine in his absurd grab for power.

There are still two outspoken Republicans. You know, people who still belong to the real Grand Old Party (GOP) and honor their oaths of office. But from his prone position, McCarthy has attacked both Representatives Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)  Liz Cheney (R-WY) repeatedly.

Kinzinger sent a tweet deriding Cawthorn’s over-the-top rhetoric as “insane:”

‘This is insane. Based on a total lie. This must stop.’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office released a written statement after Representative Cawthorn’s extremist bloodthirsty performance where he called for another attack on people such as Pelosi:

‘[L]ike he has several times this year, Minority Leader McCarthy is refusing to take action against a member of his conference who is calling for violence…. McCarthy is refusing to confront one of his members for calling for “bloodshed’ on behalf of the insurrectionists many House Republicans consider to be ‘political prisoners.”‘

The congressman’s office walked back allegations of “calling for violence.” But it would be tough to reel that line back when he cast it so far into the arid land of the barbarity.

Cawthorn spoke before a local Republican shotgun event, according to The Washington Post. Among his rantings, the freshman representative called those who were jailed after the January 6 failed coup “political hostages.” Then, he went on to advocate for some anonymous someone to free the alleged criminals. Cawthorn continued in this manner, suggesting people should “bust them out.”

Someone in the audience called out:

‘When are you going to call us to Washington again?’

He labeled our nation’s premier election systems “rigged,” and then he added:

‘We are actively working on that one. [If American elections] continue to be stolen, then it’s going to lead to one place, and it’s bloodshed.’

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