Terrified Trump Suffers A Sad As Jan 6 Committee Closes In


How stupid is Donald Trump? Does he know how counting works? One of his key arguments in favor of his idea that the presidential election was somehow rigged for Biden is that, as the hours after polls closed on Election Day went on, vote tallies changed in certain areas in favor of Biden. Changes to vote tallies are, however, the result of… counting. That’s how it works. Nevertheless, during a new interview for the right-wing outlet Real America’s Voice, Trump yet again rehashed this same argument, and he insisted in that same diatribe that he simply must “speak the truth.” How can he “speak the truth” when it’s unclear that he has any idea what he’s talking about?

Trump commented as follows

‘[Biden] has a group of very smart people that are very devious, and Republicans — I mean honestly, they don’t cheat, or they’re not good at cheating. And I’m not asking them to cheat. We want fair elections. But the Democrats cheat on elections, and they cheated more than they’ve ever… The night of the election, it was over. 10:30, we won… We were up so much in Pennsylvania, the great state of Pennsylvania — now they’re looking — the great state of Pennsylvania, that it was over… The next morning, all of a sudden it’s like, wow, Biden’s making a big comeback. Now, it was a rigged election, and I’ll say it loudly, and I’ll say it to anybody… You know, they’re trying to silence people with that shit. I have to speak the truth.’

The “shit” that he claimed was meant to silence people seems likely to have included the defamation lawsuits against Trump allies filed by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, election technology companies that have been the subject of election-related conspiracy theories. Trump also said, in reference to the imaginary election-rigging on Biden’s behalf, that Hillary Clinton “told them, why didn’t you do that for me?”, but it’s unclear who the “them” in that sentence even are. When recently asked who she was referring to when she said that “they” rigged the presidential election, ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said that she didn’t even know. All this time, and they can’t even definitively say who they believe to be ultimately responsible for the supposed election-rigging? Is that a joke? These people are unserious, inept frauds.

Hear Trump’s comments below: