Texas Voter Suppression Law Hit With Major Legal Challenge


A court challenge has been filed in Texas seeking the imposition of fair district lines for use in next year’s election cycle, since, as the argument goes and was explained by the voting rights organization Democracy Docket, “the state’s current legislature districts are malapportioned following the release of 2020 census data.” Adding to the issue, “according to the Texas Constitution the Legislature cannot redraw malapportioned legislature districts until its next regular session convenes in January 2023,” as also explained by Democracy Docket. Thus, there’s apparently a chance for unfair district lines to be in place during next year’s elections, since the census data has seemingly made clear that the current lines do not appropriately reflect the population at large.

The new lawsuit seeking the imposition of these fairer district lines has been filed by Texas state senators Roland Gutierrez (D) and Sarah Eckhardt (D), alongside a political advocacy organization known as Tejano Democrats, which focuses its work on the Mexican-American community. The fairness — or lack thereof — within a particular set of district lines can have significant ramifications for the political process. If the lines are drawn in such a way so that the proportions of elected officials from different political parties and interest groups do not actually reflect the proportions of these parties and groups within the general population, then essentially, the voice of the people can be significantly stifled — which is the exact opposite of what should be taking place in a democratic system like the one in the United States.

Following the release of that census data, processes to redraw district lines will be continuing to unfold across the nation. Should Republicans, or anyone else in power, opt to draw these new lines in a way to put their own supporters in the majority in as many districts as possible — thereby increasing the profile of their side within government, without their side actually increasing in prominence among the general population — then years of problems could ensue. Read more about the Texas lawsuit at this link.