Lauren Boebert’s Re-Election Chances Take A Nose-Dive


America is changing rapidly. Much of that has been no fun. Change is like being thrust upon a glass bridge across the Grand Canyon and commanded “Walk!” Unfortunately, it is either walk or die. So, we go with the lesser of two evils, white-knuckling it all the way. We glance behind us and see the leaders of the Republican Party staying put as the flames of extinction surround them. They have gone from outdated to this. And we find some surprising benefits from moving along with changes. Take this for example.

The nonpartisan redistricting commission in Colorado has suggested the population changes in the 2020 Census Data mean that the state will have a new swing seat in the northern Denver suburbs. And too bad for the gun-toting Annie Oakley of the Republican Party, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO). She will end up in a solid Democratic Boulder-based district now held by the liberal Representative Joe Neguse (D-CO), according to The Denver Post.

Democratic Strategist Curtis Hubbard this about once-in-a-decade census change:

‘The new process is designed to gather public comment to improve upon the preliminary plan and, at first blush, this map seems to have moved in that direction.’

The new map keeps the four Democratic seats pretty much safe. The same goes for the three solid Republican districts. However, it adds a new swing seat, the 8th Congressional. District. It runs from Adams County to Greeley. This area voted in favor of Democrats by 1.9 percentage points in the 2020 Senate election.

Boebert will have a couple of options:

  • She could move further south to stay within her current district.
  • Or she could stay put and “run for her seat there from her home next door if she didn’t want to face the liberal voters of the new district.”
  • “The U.S. Constitution does not require House members to live in the same district they represent. They only need to live in the same state they represent. So Boebert could decide to run again in the 3rd District,” according to Yahoo News.

Former Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy (R-CO) noted:

‘As a Coloradan, I hate the map. As a Republican, it could be a lot worse.’

Screen-Shot-2021-09-05-at-11.41.49-AM Lauren Boebert's Re-Election Chances Take A Nose-Dive Featured Gerrymandering Gun Control Politics Top Stories
Source: FiveThirtyEight.

Baebert’s home in Garfield County will move into a 2nd Congressional District. Neguse (D-CO) now has that seat.

‘[It] stretches to the Wyoming border with most of its population in the liberal bastions of Boulder and Fort Collins.’

Who controls redistricting in Colorado in 2021? Neither party truly controls the congressional redistricting process. An independent commission consisting of citizens draws up the maps based upon population changes, The FiveThirtyEight reported.
Now that a new map has been proposed this is what happens next:
  • ‘OCT. 1, 2021
    Deadline to submit a final congressional map to state Supreme Court
  • NOV. 1, 2021
    Deadline for state Supreme Court to approve commission’s map or send it back for revisions
  • DEC. 15, 2021
    Deadline for state Supreme Court to approve a final congressional map’
Screen-Shot-2021-09-05-at-11.41.41-AM Lauren Boebert's Re-Election Chances Take A Nose-Dive Featured Gerrymandering Gun Control Politics Top Stories
Source: FiveThirtyEight.

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