Subpoena Of Donald Trump Jr.’s Electronic Records Over Jan 6 Insurrection Proposed


Following the recent spate of requests by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot for a slew of telecommunications companies to preserve the records of prominent individuals with ties to the Capitol violence, former GOP Congresswoman Barbara Comstock said on CNN over the weekend that Donald Trump Jr. should be among those whose records are obtained. Besides his other advocacy on behalf of his father’s political cause, Trump Jr. spoke at an outdoor rally in D.C. that preceded the violence at the Capitol. At that rally, Trump Jr. said that the event “should be a message to all the Republicans who have not been willing to actually fight, the people who did nothing to stop the steal.” That “message,” he said, should be that the GOP isn’t theirs anymore — now, it’s Trump’s.

Meanwhile, Comstock commented as follows on CNN:

‘This is sad that people who believed in Donald Trump are now going to pay a very personal cost, as they should. These were criminal actions on January 6. I don’t think we have still gotten to the bottom of it because I think a lot of the people who need to be held responsible, people at the White House, who may very well, as information comes out, have been involved in this rally and egging on this kind of activity — and that’s why I think it’s so important that we get these phone records, that we get these text records of people there who were engaged in that activity.’

Individuals whose communication records have already been reported to be the subject of those records preservation requests from the riot investigation committee include prominent Trump allies like Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Predictably, prominent Republicans have already lashed out against attempts by the riot investigation committee to obtain certain records relevant to what happened, although the committee — like every other Congressional committee — has the power to issue subpoenas. Asked if the people whose records should be obtained include House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Comstock added as follows:

‘I think anybody’s [records should be obtained]. One of the first people I’d focus on are people like Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, people at the White House, people who were conducting the rally… I subpoenaed a lot of phone records and a lot of e-mail records in my day of the Clinton administration. Congress has an absolute right to subpoena those records, and I think what they have done is exactly appropriate.’

Check out Comstock’s remarks below: