Abortion Snitching Website Knocked Offline Again As GOP Brand Sinks


ProLifeWhistleblower.com — a website set up by an organization known as Texas Right to Life and meant to facilitate the submission of tips about illegal abortions in Texas — has abruptly gone offline for a second time. As of early Tuesday, the website automatically re-directed to the main homepage for Texas Right to Life, and a spokeswoman for that organization, Kimberlyn Schwartz, has confirmed to The Washington Post that the re-direction was intentional. As she put it, the organization is “exploring various long-term plans for the domain registration,” and for now, “ProLifeWhistleblower.com is redirecting to TexasRightToLife.com only while we move hosts,” she added.

Initially, the website was available via GoDaddy, but that platform removed the site last week. Subsequently, the site’s domain was registered through a provider known as Epik, but the site “went offline Saturday… after the domain registrar told the Texas organization that lobbied for the abortion ban that it had violated the company’s terms of service,” as the Post explains. The Daily Beast adds that the “specific violation was reportedly the collection of information on third-parties without their consent,” and as a statement from an Epik spokesperson put it, the company “contacted the owner of the domain, who agreed to disable the collection of user submissions on this domain.” The next steps for the site were not immediately clear, seeing as the site has apparently remained offline for days on end.

The issues with the site’s domain registration aren’t the only hurdles that have been encountered by Texas Right to Life — there’s also the issue of purposefully baseless tips meant to stymie their efforts. As the Post explains, “In several TikTok videos, people encouraged others to submit bogus names, including Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who signed the [recent] abortion ban into law.” The abortion ban recently signed by Abbott has provided the foundation for the efforts of Texas Right to Life. Specifically, the new law bans almost all abortions after some six weeks of pregnancy, although most don’t even know that they’re pregnant at that point. The law also includes provisions allowing private citizens to sue those suspected of involvement in the procurement of an illegal abortion, providing the specific spark for the efforts of Texas Right to Life.