Insurrectionist Arrested & Charged For Assaulting Officer With Metal Object


He came through a tunnel on the west side of our Capitol Building, our citadel of freedom. His acts of violence were caught on an FBI investigation video. The video showed the seething crowd of 10,000 Donald Trump supporters outside of the building as they breached it. Many of them were ready for war and wearing protective riot gear. His hat read “CNN Fake News.” This Idaho man was one of 600 seditionists who have been charged with their part in the attack on January 6, 2021. Only 51 pled guilty, he was one of them.

During the riot, Duke Wilson assaulted police officers using a white pole to jab one of the Capitol Police officers. As a result, he might face four years in prison. The 67-year-old man just signed a court document that was an admission of his part along that of others in trying to steal an officer’s shield, along with other crimes, according to CNBC:

‘During the struggle over the shield, the defendant pushed an officer to the ground and then pushed against another officer, along with other rioters.’

Wilson faced an 11-count federal indictment. His attorneys worked out a deal. He pled guilty to only two of the charges, which were “obstructing an official proceeding” and “assaulting a federal officer.”

He was on video at the Boise courthouse and was basically silent during the hearing. U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth told him that by entering a guilty plea:

‘I know this is a tough thing to swallow. I don’t know how you got yourself in the posture you’re in, but you took a good step forward today.’

Both of these crimes were felonies. He will be sentenced in November.

Featured image is a screenshot via Youtube.

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