‘The Lincoln Project’ Clowns On Low IQ Republicans In Hilarious New Video


We all know them. They are the ones who if forced to wear their masks, look as if they have a cheap chin diaper and a permanent scowl. You know, the relative, friend, or coworker who refuses to wear a mask to protect if not their safety, ours. They do not seem to care that their demand for “freedom” to not get vaccinated has filled pediatric ICUs with little children suffering from a far more painful disorder than adults face. The Lincoln Project has decided to poke fun of these recalcitrant nut-jobs. Enjoy a few laughs at their expense.

These people really are “allergic to reality,” so the video tells them to go ahead. Say “nay to the FDA.” That is right, “take matters into your own hooves.”

We see a farmer on what must be a self-driving tractor, because he is complying with Ivermectin’s side effects. He is not “driving heavy machinery” all the while holding his toddler in his lap. What a fine example.

On to the remaining side effects of this horse deworming medicine. Do not take it “if you’re wearing your good pants.” They will never be the same if a toilet is not within dashing distance.

Another side effect is the inability to pronounce Vice President Kamala Harris’ name. But then, these folks do not seem to care. Except things begin to get really scary.

They begin to hallucinate, seeing lizard people everywhere. Maybe the reason Donald Trump was seeing monsters under his White House bed was that he got advanced experimental doses of Ivermectin. The same holds true for those who felt an overwhelming sudden need to take ‘homicidal actions” against their “elected members of Congress?”

So tell these wayward crackpots to not worry about their “delusions of grandeur of supremacy” about their race. Come on, “join the herd.”

(In an almost audible voice), the narrator tells them to contact their large animal veterinarian for further information:

 ‘Join the herd. Talk to your doctor today if you think Ivermectin is right for you.’

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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