Jen Psaki Rolls Directly Over Peter Doocy During WH Press Briefing


Poor Peter Doocy. The Fox News reporter lies in wait amongst the blue seats in the White House Briefing Room. He holds very still with his weapon, his sharp tongue, held perfectly still just waiting for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to appear. He will wait until the right moment, the moment she recognizes him to let it release. Then, it happens.

There she is calling on him. Doocy lets fly his rehearsed lines in the attempt to capture the press secretary. Yet at every turn she outwits him. Time and time again. He will probably never learn. But we know. The reason that she leaves him lying on the Briefing Room floor is that her own sharp tongue is attached to her brain.

Yet, he returns day after day for more. Clearly a glutton for punishment, the guy  decided to try and bait her with his snarky question about Afghanistan.

Doocy was attempting to smack down President Joe Biden, who incidentally hires really talented people to work around him, when he asked her as C-SPAN showed:

‘Their new acting minister is a terrorist wanted for a bombing that killed six people, including an American. He is believed to have participated in cross-border attacks against U.S. Troops. There is a $10 million bounty on his head. Why are we engaging him?’

He was just too easy. With one hand tied behind her, Psaki smacked him down, asking if he was suggesting that  America should leave Americans in Afghanistan and not talk to the Taliban:

‘Should we not talk to the people who are overseeing Afghanistan and just leave it and not get the rest of the citizens out?’

Doocy picked himself back up from the floor and gave it another shot from a slightly different angle although he stumbled at the last moment:

‘What are you waiting for them to do? They just formed their government?’

Psaki said held his feet to her fire:

‘Waiting for what?’

Doocy quickly turned away with his tail between his legs but vowing to try again yet another day. Check out their exchange in this tweet:

‘Peter Doocy went speechless when Jen Psaki turned the tables and asked him if he was suggesting that America should leave Americans in Afghanistan and not talk to the Taliban.’

The entire White House Daily Briefing is available here on C-SPAN.

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