‘The Lincoln Project’ Calls Out Trump Supporters For Being Traitors To America


In a new video, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project targets those who perpetrated the heinous attack on the U.S. Capitol that unfolded back in January of this year. The video compares the Capitol rioters to the al Qaeda operatives who perpetrated the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, showing how similar that certain Trump supporters and widely recognized terrorists and extremists have become. Before getting to the meat of the troubling comparison, the new video spends some time describing an assault against the seat of the U.S. government in a way that could obviously describe either the January riot or the September 11 attacks.

A narrator says as follows:

‘It was an attack on the American Capitol. An assault on the temple of our democracy. A plot to destroy us all. The attackers followed a sick and corrupted ideology, promoted by a charismatic leader. Obsessed with grievances and wild conspiracies, driven by fear. Willing to take innocent lives for their leader. On that day, our Capitol was saved from destruction only by the bravery of a handful of Americans, with nothing in common but their love for this nation and their willingness to answer the call to courage. That day was the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001… There have only been two large-scale terrorist attacks planned against the U.S. Capitol. January 6 was ordered by an American president. Where do you stand? With the terrorists? Or America?’

Watch the video below:

Those who attempt to gloss over or otherwise downplay what happened at the Capitol in January are not in touch with the facts. On January 6, a raging mob of supporters of the then-president of the United States stormed the U.S. Capitol building, with many of those present openly seeking to enact physical retribution against their political enemies in response to the orderly functioning of the democratic process. At one point, a portion of the crowd chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” over the then-vice president’s perceived disloyalty to Trump, and amid the chaos, scores of police officers were brutally assaulted by Trump’s supporters, leaving some with grave injuries. None of these actions, as The Lincoln Project noted, have anything to do with upholding the ideals of “America.” Instead, what unfolded at the Capitol was a brutal and terroristic assault in the name of one man: Donald Trump.