Roger Stone Served With Jan 6 Subpoena Live On Radio Show


Roger Stone, the political provocateur and convicted felon whose wealthy, powerful friend pardoned him as a reward for his loyalty will be answering questions about his involvement with a terrorist attack on the Capitol, which listeners of the “Real Talk 93.3” radio talk show out of St. Louis, Missouri learned more about on Wednesday.

As Stone answered questions about the “evolution” in his thinking about Trump running for president again in 2024, a move he once called “imperative,” Stone says a process server showed up at his door to serve him a subpoena for “the latest lawsuit.” The radio show host seemed surprised and the moment seemed rather shocking for a moment until Stone said “I’m going to take this on your radio show” and joked that the “big stack of papers” were welcome since “we’re out of toilet paper” here and everyone had a good, forced-sounding chuckle.

The truth isn’t all that amusing. Stone didn’t make clear what the contents of the subpoena said or which lawsuit it was connected to, but one of the most recent lawsuits filed against Stone came from seven Capitol Police officers who served on January 6, 2021 alongside six other officers who have since committed suicide, with traumatic brain injury sustained during the attack suspected as a cause in at least one of them. Nothing about their experiences that day, or the lawsuit they’ve filed against the men who inspired the terrorists and even marched alongside them.

According to ABC News:

‘Seven U.S. Capitol Police officers are suing former President Donald Trump, his campaign, his associate Roger Stone, and members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, alleging that “their unlawful efforts culminated in the Jan. 6 mass attack on the United States Capitol.” The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in federal court, alleges that the defendants violated the federal KKK Act and the D.C. Bias Related Crimes Act, both of which protect victims of prejudice against political violence and intimidation.’

What is known so far about Stone’s involvement in the January 6 terrorist attack included weeks of publicly insisting that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from his long-time friend and traveling to Washington, D.C. on the day that terrorists attacked the Capitol with a white supremacist bodyguard to protect him. That bodyguard, who is also a tattoo artist, confessed to his role as Stone’s protection unwittingly to an FBI agent who visited his shop for a tattoo.

According to Vice News:

‘Minuta told the group that his life “had been crazy since 6 January 2021,” according to the unclassified FBI memo. He explained that he was part of the security detail for right-wing operative and Trump ally Roger Stone on Jan. 6. He called the conspiracy charges “fake,” said he wasn’t involved in any conspiracy, and claimed he saw “antifa” at the Capitol (FYI, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that antifascist protesters were present at the Capitol).’