Re-Evaluation Of Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI Investigation For Sexual Assault Requested


As questions continue to circulate regarding the flimsy FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh shortly before his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is calling for the re-opening of an investigation into the now-Supreme Court Justice. Specifically, Kavanaugh has been said to have sexually assaulted and harassed women in his earlier years, and although the FBI received thousands of tips regarding Kavanaugh during the scrutiny that coincided with his initial confirmation to the court, the FBI investigation was extremely limited.

The FBI has claimed that a 2010 document known as a Memorandum of Understanding limited the bureau’s ability to act, but the document in question doesn’t seem to actually constrain the agency from settling on its own strategic course of action for the conducting of an investigation. Constraints within the document appear to focus on the identification of broad issues for scrutiny by the agency. The FBI has indicated that — according to the understanding of relevant rules that they’re going with — they’d have required further instructions from the Trump White House for continued investigative work into Kavanaugh, but such does not seem to be the case, since the topic was established.

As Kirschner put it:

‘Think about it: the FBI opened the tipline, collected up 4,500 tips, and then simply delivered any tips they deemed to be relevant directly to the White House counsel — the very person, the very office who was trying to cram Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court down America’s throat. That’s who got these un-investigated tips delivered to them on a platter by the FBI… In a very real sense, the FBI’s failure or its decision not to investigate gave us Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.’

Kirschner subsequently noted how Kavanaugh’s presence on the U.S. Supreme Court helped determine the outcome of the court’s recent consideration of a law banning most abortions after six weeks in Texas. For now, the Supreme Court opted to allow that law to remain in effect, but the decision was close, with five justices in favor of allowing the law, and four opposed. One fewer Trump justice on the court would have likely meant the upholding of reproductive rights in Texas.

Subsequently, Kirschner called on Biden to “direct an investigation into the 4,500 tips” regarding the Kavanaugh situation. He also called on Congress to subpoena the tips at issue. As he then put it:

‘Women in Texas deserve that. All Americans deserve that. Let’s start doing some damn justice — better late than never. Because justice matters. It matters.’

Check out Kirschner’s pointed comments below: