‘The Lincoln Project’ Clobbers Trump & Fox News For Destroying Democracy


Donald, falling to the floor kicking and screaming in your big boy in-office tantrum earned you the two-year-old-ignore-him treatment among Democratic legislators and a weary American public. So you finally got up and went into your stealth attacks directed at your enemies, namely anyone who disagreed with you. Donald, just because you could get your Republican take-no-prisoners gang to set the Capitol Building on fire, does not mean you should have done it.

The Lincoln Project just landed their latest, powerful ad in a swift and deadly counterattack. Watch out, Donald, they are good, very very good. Their point is downright scary this time around.

Oh sure, you knew that if you could get mount a multi-faceted attack on the Department of Justice, the military, and. the Democrats you just might grab that win, because after all, nobody loves a loser. The Republican leadership started squeezing the American middle- and working-class to reward their rich donors, just like you, during the President Reagan reign, but you held America’s economic workhorses out of the third-story window by their ankles and laughed as they pled for relief. It is not okay to shake them until all of the last loose change fell out of their pockets.

Even in your limited intellect, you realized that when you take away people’s hopes, they go down one of two highways, speeding toward self-destruction or anger that could border on rage. And little you loved to play in this muck of chaos, getting dirtier and dirtier. But Americans see you for what you are, all except for the ones you managed to mesmerize them into an army of zombies. Bad Donald, very bad.

Fortunately, The Lincoln Project has your number, make that numbers and they do not spare the rod:

’78 percent of Republicans who do not believe Biden won.

’54 percent believe there is strong evidence that Biden did not win the election despite the fact evidence no such evidence exists.’

’51 percent of Americans who believe future elections are at risk of having results overturned by the losing party.

’56 percent of Americans who feel democracy is under attack.

‘This Saturday…

‘Could prove them right.’

Check out the Lincoln Project’s latest deadly accurate time bomb:

‘America, divided. pic.twitter.com/B2OwkG7PbA

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) September 16, 2021’

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