Criminal Investigation Of Trump’s Election Meddling Picks Up Speed


For a big man, Donald Trump glides easily around the illegal rink even balancing on one leg. The ex-president contacted the Georgia Secretary of State’s office repeatedly trying to get them to hand him just 11,000+ votes, just enough to throw him the 2020 election, The Daily Beast reported.

Only a month after she took office, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ kick-started her investigation into the Mar-a-Lago citizen for trying to overthrow the U.S. government through the back door. This as the former occupant in the White House is planning a Georgia gin-up rally.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told reporters this week, according to CNN:

‘What I can tell you is that the Trump investigation is ongoing. As a district attorney, I do not have the right to look the other way on any crime that may have happened in my jurisdiction. We have a team of lawyers that is dedicated to that, but my No. 1 priority is to make sure that we keep violent offenders off the street.’

Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron handed over various documents and records to the DA. He said that he handed over to “phone messages and emails documenting the threats his office received surrounding the election, but he said their primary interest was in election procedures.”

Barron noted that the investigators appeared to be building a case for the grand jury:

‘That was specifically about how an election runs to help them with their investigation.’

Former US attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, Michael J. Moore said:

‘Clearly, any information she gets could be and would be helpful. I can’t imagine that she would want this case to be languishing in an investigative state for a long period of time, so she may be hoping that she gets some backup from the congressional committees.’

‘Georgia Secretary of State Ben Raffensperger indicated that the select committee investigating January 6 has already asked the National Archives for a range of documents, including any records of White House communications.’

Progress has been slow due to Willis’ recently taking office. An attorney who used to work for her before she was promoted, Joshua Morrison, said:

‘I know there’s pressure on her to get that moving. But she’s not the type of person to slow down an investigation or speed it up just for political expediency.’

Willis recently went before the Fulton County Board of Commissioners:

‘I’m here begging you for help. I’m drowning. I need help.’

The DA has not been working alone. She has imported a number of experts. Former US Attorney Moore noted it would be tricky moving forward:

‘I can’t imagine that a local DA with the amount of sort of home issues that she faces on a daily basis wants to get bogged down in this case. At the end of the day, I mean her duties are of course to prosecute crimes, they’re not necessarily to embed yourself in the history books.’

Morrison said her office was overwhelmed, and that was the reason she asked for more funds and personnel:

‘They’re overwhelmed. Like she told the county commission a few weeks ago, it’s manpower and money that are necessary to fight crime and also handle Trump.’

Willis told the area NPR radio station in Atlanta:

‘I know that people find that case to be interesting because it was a former sitting president. And that has some historic value. For me, it’s not interesting. We will put the facts that are learned — literally, cause I’m old school — up on a wall, what those facts are. We will put the statutes that we believe those facts could or could not touch. We will see if the elements of a crime are met. If they are, I will present a case to the grand jury. If they’re not, then we won’t do it.’

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