Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Of Biden Policy In Latest Polling


A new survey reveals remarkably high levels of support for key elements of the Biden agenda, calling the credibility of those who would preemptively proclaim the Biden administration’s downfall into serious question. In the survey, which was conducted by Invest in America and Data for Progress, “Voters support the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by a +40-percentage-point margin,” as Data for Progress explains it. (That number reflects approval for the legislation among all voters rather than those of a particular party affiliation.) The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the bipartisan infrastructure deal recently passed by the Senate.

Voters who were surveyed as part of this poll also broadly supported what the pollsters characterized as the “Build Back Better Plan,” which includes a range of provisions that might be part of the $3.5 trillion investment plan that is currently under consideration by Democratic leaders as a follow-up to the bipartisan infrastructure deal that was passed by the Senate. These possible policies range from investments in long-term care for seniors to the establishment of tuition-free community college — and Data for Progress presented numbers showing that every single provision was supported by at least 50 percent of voters, with some maintaining support far above that level. Support for investments in long-term care, updating K-12 school buildings, modernizing the nation’s electrical grid, and allowing for Medicare to negotiate drug prices (which would save money) sat above 70 percent in every instance.

Notably, even including arguments against the “Build Back Better Plan” did not push support for the proposals down below 50 percent. As Data for Progress explains, “When voters were provided with arguments for and against the Build Back Better plan, they still supported it by a +33-point margin.” That number is for the overall group of poll participants. Breaking down responses by party, Republicans were opposed to the plan by a 12 percent margin when shown challenges to it, with 39 percent for it and 51 percent against it. Read more at this link.

These numbers suggest that Democrats could do well in the upcoming midterm elections. Contrary to certain Republican talking points, Democratic policies have repeatedly proven to be broadly popular. Joe Biden received over 80 million votes in the 2020 presidential election for a reason! Voters support his policies.